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Whether he is a smoker or a non-smoker, everyone is aware of the harmful effects of smoking on health and the environment. One starts smoking out of pure fashion or under the influence of peers. When the passage of time, this habit becomes dangerous. Back in time, when cancer was not a thing, people were dying of lung failure because of smoking. Smoking is harmful to health, and still, people are smoking in bulk. The Best Air Purifier for Cigarette Smoke is the only savior available.

Every year, millions of fellows die from inhaling smoke. However, everybody is aware of its side effects. The worst part is that smokers not only harm themselves with this unhealthy habit, but they also harm those around them.

If you are smoking, then it’s imperative to keep your family safe from smoke’s side effects.

It doesn’t matter if you are an active smoker or not; if you live with a smoker or around smokers, you will get some results.

More than 5 million people die every year due to tobacco and smoke. Surprisingly, more than half of these people are not smokers, but they work with people or in an environment full of cigarette smoke. There is no doubt that smoke is the biggest and worst public health threat that the world has ever faced. 

Best air Purifier for Cigarette smoke

Even those people who hate smoking are vulnerable to diseases that are caused by it. The smoke has been engraved in such a profound way in our society that people take it for granted now. This is not a good sign, and to prevent people from dying.

We cannot curb this element of smoking from our society, but we can install air purifiers. There are certain best air purifiers for cigarette smoke. Installing these air purifiers in your breathing space means that you will be able to get quality air without smoke.

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What is Cigarette Smoke? 

To fight cigarette smoke, one must be familiar with the elements of which it is made. It is composed of so many harmful components that they can destroy you without your realization.

Cigarettes are small in size, but they have such nasty ingredients that they can devastate your entire immune system. We know that smoke reduces life expectancy. The elements and components of cigarettes play a significant role in reducing life expectancy. The funny thing is even the life-threatening characteristics of cigarettes can’t stop people from smoking them. The elements of cigarettes are addictive, which is why people can’t stop smoking them.

It is shocking to know that there are more than 7000 chemicals in tobacco smoke. Out of these Chemicals, 250 are harmful, and at least 69 to 70 of them cause cancer. Because of the 69 or 70% elements of a cigarette, people are dying of cancer. 

Cigarette smoke is a complex mixture of the kind of chemicals that are harmful to human beings. These chemicals include carbon monoxide (CO), nitrogen oxides, hydrogen cyanide (HCN), etc.

These are the gaseous elements that are present in cigarette smoke. Other than this, nicotine, phenol, polyaromatic hydrocarbons, benzene, etc., are also present. Each of these chemicals has a separate and different kind of adverse impact on human beings. That is why cigarette smoke does not just cause a single type of disease but is a source of many harmful and life-threatening diseases. There are chances that a person who is a chain smoker will get into different kinds of conditions. It is not always probable that a cigarette smoker will get cancer; he can get other life-threatening diseases like lung failure or kidney failure.

The HCN present in it causes certain respiratory disorders. Other chemicals act as carcinogens and cause cancer. Last but not least, phenols and catechols present in the smoke are considered tumor promoters.

We are aware of the fact that the early stages of cancer are full of tumors. It is because of the toxic elements that are present in cigarette smoke. 

Each cigarette contains about 1 mg of nicotine. Once you start smoking, it becomes hard for you to quit it. It is said that nicotine is so addictive that with time it takes control of your body, and you can’t stay without it.

The addiction becomes so strong that the chain smoker will leave everything but cigarettes. Smoking not only destroys you internally but is also adversely affects the atmosphere.

If you have children, and they are smoking air that is full of cigarette smoke, things can go wrong for them as well. Cigarette smoke is insanely dangerous for children and non-smokers. Without the best air purifiers for cigarette smoke, nothing can ensure the quality of air.

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Make Use of an Air Purifier to Remove Cigarette Smoke

If you are living with a smoker, then nothing will help you out but an air purifier. An air purifier can be a blessing for your space or environment because not only can it filter the contaminated air, it circulates a healthy atmosphere as well.

You must know that simply opening up your Windows regularly will not help you. The smell of cigarettes and the smoke of cigarettes is stubborn. Unless there are proper strategies and proper technology, the smell of smoke is not going away.

A chain smoker is contaminating the air every moment, and an open Window will not get it out. The best part about an air purifier is that once it is switched on, it makes sure that it captures the second-hand smoke before circulating the healthy air into the room.

You can indeed sprinkle all the vinegar and baking soda you want on your belongings, but these things alone will not purify your place thoroughly. An air purifier is the only way you can be certain that you will breathe the air that is free of smoke and cigarette smell.

In case you buy a HEPA air purifier, you can be sure that around 99.97% of contamination will go away from your environment. An activated carbon filter can also be the best option because it removes the gaseous and poisonous stuff from the place.

We will be talking about the best air purifiers for cigarette smoke shortly. The detailed features of these air purifiers will help you out select the best one.

The house of smokers is the same, so that all of them are full of cigarette smell. Without an air purifier, this smell is going to stay. For this reason, it is essential to install an air purifier so it can take care of the smell and smoke in the best way possible.

You must know that not all air purifiers have the same amount of carbon in carbon-activated filters. Cheaper carbon-activated air purifiers will have an ounce of carbon. On the other hand, an expensive but productive carbon-activated air purifier will have a large amount. When you go out to buy an air purifier, you get the one with more carbon to ensure productivity.

Winix 5500-2 Air Purifier with True HEPA Filter

Winix 5500-2 Air Purifier with True HEPA Filter is made for those who understand the threat. It is not a very easy task to take care of cigarette smoke. Before letting the smoke out, the air purifier must break the smoke into smaller particles. Winix plasma wave air purifier is the best air purifier for cigarette smoke because it knows how to break apart cigarette smoke pollutants from your environment. Along with this, it has a pure HEPA filter. This means that around 99.97% of cigarette smoke or cigarette odor will be removed from your environment as soon as this air purifier is switched on.

The best part about this air purifier is that it does not emit ozone. There are air purifiers in the market that, while breaking apart, pollutants emit ozone. No such thing happens with this air purifier, which is why people are going gaga about it.

Indeed, this air purifier does not have the capability of cleaning large rooms, but it is best for cleaning medium or small offices. It is also the best choice if there is cigarette smoke in the bathroom or kid’s bedrooms. This fantastic air purifier has the capability of cleaning a room up to 300 square feet.

There are smart sensors on this cigarette removal machine. These intelligent sensors have the capability of detecting cigarette smoke in the environment. Once it detects the smoke, it will automatically do something to remove it. Winix is the ultimate best air purifier for cigarette smoke because it can eliminate second-hand smoke from your environment in the best way possible.

Winix plasma wave is the talk of the town because it has automatic and manual fan options. As far as the fan speed is concerned, you can adjust the fan on low, medium, and high speed. Moreover, if you want to see if the air around you is cleaned, you can turn on the LED. This light alone will tell you if the air around you is clean or not.

Second-hand smoke can be anywhere on your carpet or your walls. In such a scenario, if there is one thing that will keep us safe from it, then it is a Winix plasma wave air purifier. It is the ultimate option for the environment because it is just so good. For medium or small rooms, it can do wonders.

Shop now at Amazon

Shop now at Amazon

Best Air Purifier for Cigarette Smoke

Best Air Purifier for Cigarette Smoke Removal

Levoit Air Purifier is something you can rave about. Not only will this purifier ensure that there is a high performance, but it will also make you feel comfortable in your own space.

Levoit is the perfect cigarette smoke eliminator machine, and there is no reason you shouldn’t have this purifier with you if you have the chance and resources. The best part about this air purifier is that it has two filters. Not only it has the HEPA filter, but it also has a carbon-activated filter. This means that from your environment, not only will the pollutants be removed, but also the harmful gaseous substances will be no more.

The best thing about this cigarette smoke eliminator machine is that it has a very long life. The chances are that this air purifier is going to stay with you for years to come. In case you want to see if the air around your environment is clean or not, then the LED is attached to it. When sleeping, one can quickly turn off the LED light for a sound and peaceful sleep.

Not only is this air purifier quiet, but it also makes a whispering sound at the time of being touched.

This air purifier is considered among the best air purifiers for cigarette smoke, and when you go to buy it, you will get three-in-one HEPA filters along with the user manual. Its customer service support is from California, which means that you will get your queries to answer professionally.

You can easily use it in your environment without worrying about the emission of ozone. This particular filter does not EMIT ozone, which is why this is best for your space. AHAM has verified Levoit, and it is known for its ability to remove tobacco smoke, dust, and pollen from the environment.

It doesn’t matter how many chain-smokers are there in your space; once this air purifier is installed, then you are sure to get the quality air you deserve. Get this one for your room, nursery, or office if you want to breathe in an air that is sound, pure, and organic.

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LEVOIT Air Purifier for Home Bedroom

Best Air Cleaner for Smoke

LEVOIT Air Purifier for Home Bedroom is the most trusted air purifier for smokers. The best part about this air purifier is that it is not only a cigarette smoke removal machine but also a cigarette smoke odor eliminator. This air purifier will not only remove the cigarette smoke from your space but will also free your space from odor. Some air purifiers work better because, in cleaning the environment, they keep on emitting ozone, and they also make use of UV – C – light.

On the other hand, this air purifier is perfectly safe to use, and it is 100% ozone-free. You can be confident that this air purifier will never use UV light or any anion purification methods harmful to children and adults alike.

This one has a pure HEPA filter that will remove around 99.99% of pollutants or cigarette smoke from your environment. Among the cigarette smoke eliminator products, this one is the best because it is quiet when it functions. You can switch on the LED light if you want to see if there is smoke around you, or you can switch it off at the time of sleeping.

This one is the ultimate option for you because it has the energy star label, and it is also carb certified. When it comes to quality and energy consumption, this one is the best air purifier for cigarette smoke removal.

It has a three-stage filtration system. It can capture smoke or pollutants that are as small as 0.3 microns. If you want to make sure that you are inhaling healthy air even in the presence of chain-smokers that this one is the ultimate answer.

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Blueair Classic 205 Air Purifier (Smart Air Purifier)

Best Air cleaner for smoker

Blueair Classic 205 Air Purifier is the best air cleaner for smokers or the best air purifiers to remove cigarette smoke, then nothing possible can beat the Blueair Air Purifier. The best part about this air purifier is that it can correctly battle asthma and allergy with cigarette smoke.

If you are one such person who continuously complains about allergies because of cigarette smoke, then this air purifier will serve your purpose. CARB has certified this one, and it is superior in its functioning. This one can clean around 800 square feet of rooms, and it is the ultimate choice for large bedrooms, living rooms are kitchens.

There are so many good things about this air purifier, and one is that you can control this air purifier from your device. Even Alexa can manage it, and that is the best part about it. This one has cigarette smoke extractor fans, and that is the reason why people rave about this air purifier whenever they can.

Blueair is the ultimate air purifier for allergies, asthma, or cigarette smoke. The fantastic filters will ensure that there is no cigarette smoke or cigarette odor around you. Blueair is entirely functioning, and that is one factor that makes it desirable among other cigarette smoke eliminator products.

Shop now at Amazon

Shop now at Amazon

Sharp Dual Action Air Purifier

Cigarette Smoke Odor Eliminator

Sharp Dual Action Air Purifier is the best professional solution. As far as the best cigarette smoke removal machines are concerned, then this one is included. The sharp dual action air purifier is like a dream coming true for such people who have smokers living around them. One can understand the effectiveness of this amazing air purifier for cigarette smoke because over 80 million products of this air purifier or this brand have been sold since 2001.

The exclusive patented plasma cluster ion technology of this beautiful air purifier will make sure that there is no cigarette smoke in your environment at all. The cleaning method of this air purifier is very advanced, and it makes use of positive and negative ions from water vapor.

There are air purifiers that can remove cigarette smoke from your surroundings, but there are rarely such air purifiers that have the capability of removing the viruses. This one will remove even the viruses from your environment, and this alone is the reason why you should buy this air purifier right away.

The sharp air purifier works with a triple filtration system, and its washable pre-filters have the capability of trapping dust or other airborne particles. This air purifier also has a carbon-activated filter that would remove the poisonous smoking gas from your space. You don’t even need to install this air purifier in the area where you think smoke is in abundance. It will automatically detect the smoke and will try its best to remove it.

In case you think that the control light is too bright for your eyes, you can dim or even switch it off. As far as this filter’s affordability is concerned, it can be bought by all and sundry. If you are looking for the best air purifier for cigarette smoke, make sure you buy it.

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AIRMEGA 400S The Smarter App Enabled Air Purifier

cigarette smoke removal machine

Air mega is the best air cleaner for smoke. As far as the cigarette smoke odor eliminator is concerned, this one will surely serve your purpose.

The best part about this air purifier is that it can cover around 1560 square feet. This is the best air purifier for cigarette smoke in large rooms and living rooms. We know that you have always wondered how you can clean the air from your living room or large bedrooms. Now that this air purifier is here, that problem has been resolved.

There are so many wonderful features of this air purifier, and these also include air quality monitoring. Other than this, you can operate this air purifier with Alexa or with any other smart device. It has powerful dual suction, and it will make sure that there is no smoke of cigarettes in your environment after it is turned on. Its Max2 filter and pre-filter are just too good to function, and it is the perfect blend of technology and design.

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LEVOIT LV-H133 Air Purifier for Home Large Room

cigarette smoke odor removal

LEVOIT LV-H133 Air Purifier is the most robust solution to keep the large space clean from cigarette smoke. Sometimes cigarette smoke mixes with air pollutants and can cause deteriorating effects. The best part about the Levoit air purifier is that it has the capability to clean as small microns as 0.03. Not only will it provide you high-performance, but it will also make sure that you breathe in a space that is calm and clean.

The best part about this air purifier is that it is the most updated air purifier on the market. This works with extremely updated technology, and that makes all the difference. Not only it has an LED display or a clock, but you can also set a timer on it.

As far as this air filter’s safety for smoke is concerned, you can rejoice because this filter is CARB certified. This one is quiet in its functioning and very productive. One can quickly turn the display off when it is nighttime. Its auto mode makes it much more desirable. Clean the air around you with this one.

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Blueair Blue Pure 121

cigarette smoke suction machine

Blueair Blue Pure 121 is the ultimate cigarette smoke odor eliminator. This fantastic air purifier has a three-part filtration system, and this system will ensure that there is no pollutant in your environment. Not only will it remove the cigarette smoke or cigarette smell, but it will also remove the mold spores, dust mites, or pet dander.

This one is the ultimate package because it is just so good. The activated carbon filter in this air purifier will ensure that all the poisonous gases are no longer in your space. Blueair blue pure air purifier comes with a washable pre-filter, and they can be changed according to the needs.

One can understand this air purifier’s productivity by the fact that even energy stars rated this filter high in performance. If you want to make sure that an air purifier looks best in your environment, it is the best option because it is stylish.

One can buy this stylish purifier in several colors, and that enhances its usability. Having this air purifier with you means that there will be more clean air, less energy consumption, and less noise. It is the ultimate best cigarette smoke removal air purifier.

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Alen BreatheSmart 45i Air Purifier

Alen 45i-Heavy-Smoke, Dust, Mold, Odors, Brushed Stainless

Alen BreatheSmart 45i HEPA Air Purifier is definitely made for you. If you are looking for a cigarette smoke removal machine, then breath smart 45 is the ultimate option. Now is a time that you take care of your air filtration system with this fantastic air purifier. It doesn’t matter where you want to install it. It does matter if you wish to breathe fresh air in your nurseries, home, offices, kitchen, or rooms. This air purifier will serve your purposes. Breathe smartly will not only help you with the cigarette smoke or cigarette smell. It will also take care of PET hairs, pet dander, and allergens from your environment.

All the primary pollutants will be removed from your environment once you have this fantastic air purifier in your space. As far as the filter life of this air purifier is concerned, then that is 9 to 12 months. In these 9 to 12 months, you can regularly use this purifier without being bothered about anything.

This one is indeed the best air purifier for cigarette smoke because it does not carry much space. It is only two feet tall and 15 inches wide. Despite its small size, it has the capacity of cleaning rooms up to 800 square feet every 30 minutes.

This cigarette smoke removal machine will make you understand that its features are feathery. You will feel as if you are touching a feather when you try to operate it.

Not only is it pleasant to touch, but it also makes a pleasing audible chime when it is touched. Most of the air purifiers are not modern in style, so people feel reluctant to buy them. On the other hand, breath smart is a very advanced air purifier that ensures quality air in your environment. Not only will it make a match with your furniture, but it will also be good for your surroundings. The best part about this air purifier is that a NASA engineer has developed it. It is right in the functioning, and it has a HEPA filter.

Not only will it remove the cigarette smoke and cigarette smell from your space, but it will also give you quality air to breathe. The energy consumption of this air purifier is as low as 50W, even at high pressure.

This alone is the reason why you should have this air purifier with you right away. An LED light comes along with this air purifier, and through this light, you can see that the air you are breathing is high in quality. It will even notify you whenever there is cigarette smoke or cigarette smell around you. In most cases, it will notify you by flashing red light. Now is the time to take this fantastic air purifier home if you have a smoker living with you.

It’ sIt’s modern design is to die for, and it’s productive. If there is one thing that can ensure a high level of breathing in your environment, it is a breath smart air purifier. There is no reason why you should take this purifier with you right away because it is the answer to all your troubles.

What is Second-Hand Smoke, and from Where it Comes?

As mentioned earlier, smoking does not just cause harm to your internal organs, but it also destroys the atmosphere or the environment you breathe in. Smokers are vulnerable to diseases caused by smoking, but even non-smokers are not safe from it. Smokers inhale the mainstream smoke from the cigarette and get sick because of it.

Still, the non-smokers inhale the sidestream smoke emitted into the environment because of mainstream smoking. In other words, it is secondhand smoke that fills the offices, restaurants, or other places where people burn tobacco products, including cigarettes, water pipes, etc.

You may get the idea that second-hand smoke is not dangerous, but it is. At times you may feel that just because you are not smoking, any harm will come to you, but this is not the case. Even if you are inhaling the air full of cigarette smoke, chances are not very good for you.

Because of second-hand smoke, more than 1.2 million premature deaths occur per year. Not to mention, more than 65,000 children die every single year because of the diseases or illnesses that are caused by second-hand smoke. The respiratory system is delicate, and second-hand smoke can be hazardous for him or her. Second-hand smoke is hazardous for people who are aged. They can get severe respiratory and cardiovascular diseases because of it.

The worst part is that everybody is exposed to second-hand smoke. Even the infants who just entered this world are not safe from it. Second-hand smoke increases the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) in infants.

Our environment has been polluted to such an extent with this second-hand smoke that the child who hasn’t been born yet, is also at the risk of dying. If you take it for granted and think that nothing will happen to you because you are a non-smoker, you are just delusional. Smokers have flooded the atmosphere with second-hand smoke, and the only way to save yourself is to take timely precautionary measures; otherwise, it will be too late.

Why Cigarette Smoke is Dangerous?

The only thing that is true about cigarette smoking is that it is life-threatening. It does not just eat up the smoker, but it also consumes the people around him. The harmful chemicals and carcinogens present in the smoke do not spare anyone. These chemicals do not leave any organ inside your body and destroy each one of them.

Cigarette smoke is dangerous because of the elements present in it. Nicotine is not only addictive; it is also very harmful to your system. Once the poisonous smoke of cigarettes makes the way into your body, it will not spare any organ. You don’t have to be a smoker to get the hazardous results of cigarette smoke. Just by inhaling the smoke, you can get a stroke with as much precision as a chain smoker.

Cancer is one of the leading diseases that is caused by smoking. It does not just cause lung cancer but also causes mouth cancer. Other than this, smoking also causes non-cancerous lung diseases that result in a painful and slow death. Chain-smokers can also suffer from brain tumors or strokes. Not only their immune system gets weaker, but they also play havoc with their hemoglobin.

It also causes atherosclerotic diseases of the heart and blood vessels. All these diseases are caused by mainstream smoking or by breathing in an air full of second-hand smoke. Cigarette smoke mainly damages the respiratory system. The elements of cigarette smoke are so dangerous that you will never get a clean breath no matter how hard you try.

Yellow teeth and bad breath will stay with you as long as you smoke the poison smoke of a cigarette. There is no escape for your organs if you like the stick that throws you out of life.

Five important things to consider while buying an air purifier to remove cigarette smoke and its odor

Frequently Asked Questions

What absorbs cigarette smoke?

If chain-smokers live around you, you can be sure that there will be cigarette smoke or cigarette smell. You can wonder what things in your house or home can absorb cigarette smoke. It can be anything ranging from your sofa, your carpet, or even your walls. Cigarette smoke can be anywhere in your house, and if there is one thing that can absorb the cigarette smoke, it is the air purifier. The best thing about an air purifier is that it filters the air full of smoke to make sure that the cleansing of air happens.

What allergies cigarette smoking cause?

Smoking is injurious to health because it can cause a lot of respiratory troubles. Not only can your lungs get affected, but you can also get throat or respiratory allergies. At times your tonsils can be worse because of smoking cigarettes. Try to stay away from smoke as much as you can.

How to detect cigarette smoke in a house?

One can detect cigarette smoke because of the olfactory senses. The smell of cigarettes is wrong, and if you feel that a place is full of cigarette smell, that usually means that that place is full of cigarette smoke. Other than this, an air purifier can ideally detect cigarette smoke. Once an air purifier is turned on, you can see the cigarette smoke circulating in your environment because of the LED light’s help.

How to get rid of cigarette smoke in your house or apartment?

Well, on a fundamental level, you can make use of baking soda or vinegar. By merely sprinkling vinegar or baking soda on your belongings, cigarette smoke can be distanced.
The best way to remove cigarette smoke from your environment is to install an air purifier. If there is one thing that can remove the cigarette smoke from your place, then that is an air purifier because it can filter the air that is thick with smoke.

How to stop cigarette smoke coming through vents?

Cigarette smoke is smoke, and smoke has the capability of coming through vents. If you want to make sure that the cigarette smoke is not coming out of vents, then make sure that you install an air purifier at your place. There are brilliant filters in an air purifier, and these filters can absorb the smoke in the best way possible. Installing a high-quality filter at the vent also can be a solution.

How to get cigarette smoke out of the house or apartment?

Cigarette smoke will keep on circulating in an environment unless there is an air purifier. It is a common fact that an air purifier has an amazing duct suction system. Along with this, an air purifier also has terrific filters, and an activated carbon filter will make sure that there is no smoke in your house or apartment once the air purifier is on. If you want to make sure that you breathe in clean air, then an air purifier is the only way.

Do cigarette smoke detectors are valid and useful?

If you install a cigarette smoke detector at your place, that may not be effective at all. If you want to make sure that something detects the smoke in the best way possible, then there is an air purifier. Make sure you have one at your place, so you know where you need to do the working if there is cigarette smoke at your home.

How to clean second-hand cigarette smoke and smoke smells?

In this regard, only an air purifier can help. Usually, an air purifier comes with two filters, and these are HEPA filters or Carbon activated air filters. The best thing about the HEPA air filter is that it can remove around 99.97% of cigarette smoke from your place. Other than this, the carbon-activated filter will absorb all the poisonous gases coming out of cigarette smoke. If you want to breathe in quality air, then the air purifier is the only option.

Is it possible that a normal human being becomes allergic to cigarette smoke?

It is entirely possible. If a person is living with the chain-smoker while never-smoking himself still, there are chances that he is going to get affected, the second-hand smoke can create havoc on even such people who never smoke at all. So yes, it is entirely possible for a human being to become allergic to second-hand smoke.

What is an effective way to block the neighbor’s smoke?

If you want to make sure that your breathing is healthy and pure, then make sure that you install an air purifier. It doesn’t matter where the pollutants or cigarette smoke are coming from. If you have the air purifier with you, it will clean your environment, and that is what matters.

Are air purifiers more effective than filter masks?

A filter mask will only protect you from cigarette smoke. It will not free your environment from cigarette smoke. On the other hand, an air purifier will make sure that it absorbs cigarette smoke from your place. An air purifier is a better option than a mask.

Final Words

It doesn’t matter if you smoke or not. If you have a smoker with you, the air is going to get contaminated. The only way to healthy breathing is by having an air purifier. We have talked in detail about the best air purifiers for cigarette smoke or cigarette smell eliminator purifiers. Now it is up to you to make a choice and pick the best one for your environment.

You need to know that it is always better to be safe than sorry.

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