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The air that we breathe in is not as pure as we might think it is—the outdoors show visible signs of pollution and poor air quality in dust, smoke, and dirt. Due to industrialization, things are now terrible with the environment, and the air quality is being compromised every other day. The best VOC air purifier can be a competent solution.

Things are a lot different when it comes to indoor air quality. A seemingly clean atmosphere can give a false impression that pollution is not on the inside. There is quite a possibility that indoor air quality is a lot worse than outdoor air quality. The indoor scenario dilemma is that pollutants keep accumulating, and unless there is something to ward them off, they do not go away.

So don’t think that just because you are indoors, you are safe from all the harm, lousy air quality can pose.

The indoor scenario is very different from what it looks it. The clean air that we breathe inside our house is not at all fresh. The truth is there are microparticles of many kinds inside our homes. These little devils are not visible through the naked eye. Thus, we believe there is nothing wrong with the air quality. There are spores, molds, pollens, and all sorts of allergens. All these pollutants reside indoors in an accumulated way and pose a threat to our health all the time.

Moreover, there are gaseous emissions, even indoors. It is pretty hard to believe, considering these releases are mostly associated with the factories and industries. They pose some serious health risks to people breathing in such an environment. These unseen chemicals are collected, termed as VOCs, which stands for Volatile Organic Compounds. Let’s dig deeper into what could be wrong with the air quality inside our house.

What are VOCs?

The dilemma with the indoor scenario is that pollutants keep on accumulating and unless there is something to ward them off, they are not they go away. So don’t think that just because you are indoors, you are safe from all the harms, lousy air quality can pose.

These are organic compounds with vaporizing abilities that allow them to remain suspended in the air. This means that unless there is something to remove these organic compounds, they will remain suspended in the air. This is precisely the term volatile indicts.

A similar and understandable example would be spirit. It evaporates rather quickly if left uncovered. These compounds are identical to that.  In addition to that, these gaseous chemicals are also released by some liquids and solids. They are hazardous and can cause short-term and long-term adverse effects. These chemicals may evaporate, but they do not leave the house entirely. These organic compounds have the ability to stay gathered in one place, and that’s why they are dangerous.

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Where are they released from?

VOCs are associated explicitly with indoor air quality, and they are released from a variety of materials inside our house. Following are some of the sources of VOCs

  • Paints: the characteristic smell of the newly painted house is due to VOC. Other than that, varnishes, lacquer, paint thinner, and strippers also serve as the source of VOCs.
  • Cleaning supplies and Cosmetics: conventional cleaning supplies sprays, insecticides, bleaches, detergents, and dishwashing soaps are emitters of VOCs. Even aerosol sprays like air fresheners, body sprays, beauty products may contain these chemicals.
  • Office equipment and stationery: the photocopier, printers, correction fluids, and several other items release these compounds. Craft material, glues, and adhesives can also contain these organic compounds.
  • Building materials: construction materials such as pressed woods, flooring, wall coverings sometimes contain raw material that emits these compounds.

What are the health consequences?

VOCs can lead to harmful effects on human health. Short issues can cause eye irritation and respiratory problems. If these compounds stay suspended in the air for a longer time, they can even cause glaucoma, a serious disease.

They can also exacerbate the situation for people with allergies and asthma. It doesn’t matter what you do; in the presence of these compounds, you are likely to have serious episodes of asthma. Their presence can also lead to headaches, dizziness, nausea, irritation, and damaged lungs. Several skin issues like eczema can also result from VOCs.

They can cause cancer, organ failure, damaged liver, and impaired central nervous system in the long-term. Considering the health issues related to VOCs, it is imperative to do something that cleans the air.

What can be done?

The first thing you can do is stay clear of the products that could be potential sources of these notorious chemicals. Avoid using cosmetics and sprays that might contain VOCs. Choose from Human-friendly products. Steer clear of newly painted rooms until the smell subsides. 

Moreover, you can use air purifiers to ensure proper air quality inside the house. If there is one thing that will make sure that these nasty chemicals are no more in the air, it is an air purifier. The air purifiers come with filters that can eliminate harmful chemicals and the allergens like molds, mildews, and pollen. They are made to provide cleaner air for free and harmless breathing.

What to look for in Air Purifiers for VOC?

There are several types of air purifiers available on the market. They offer different types of purifying. The one that is used for allergens might not work for the gases. Some have a combination filter to provide deep cleansing from all harmful indoor pollutants.

If you are looking for VOC protection, you will have to look for purifiers with VOCs and gas-specific filters. The commonly used filters in purifiers are HEPA filters. They are very effective against dust, smoke particles, dander, and even bacteria. But they won’t filter the VOCs.

Two types of filters are effective against OCs. The PECO filters and activated carbon filters. The best thing about activated carbon filters is that they can even take the smell out. Not only is it very effective against smoke, but it is also very effective against VOCs.

Although ozone generators are also useful, they are harmful for residential use. Ozone generators cannot be used in kid’s and pets’ presence; that’s why air purifiers are better.

The best option for VOC filtration would be carbon filters. The purifiers with built-in VOC censors are also preferred. They give additional information about the VOC situation of a room.

Let’s look into the detailed features of some favorite hot purifiers that can help you with VOC’s freedom and clean air.

1. NuWave OXYPURE Large Area Smart Air Purifier


  • This air purifier can eliminate up to 99.5% of VOCs from the environment.
  • It has an advanced filtration system that is very effective against chemicals.
  • You can control the air purifier with the help of a Wi-Fi and device.
  • The indicator will let you know about the quality of air.
  • Because it covers large areas so it is good for the living room, garages, or even whorehouse.
  • All the filters have the ability to last long so it will save time and money for you.

This is one of the most versatile filtration systems for indoor. The wonderful thing about this air purifier is its filtration system that is good for so many things. It has a four-part filtration system that provides a wide range of air purification.

You can get rid of macro-pollutants as well as gases. When it comes to VOCs, this air purifier has the capability of tackling it in the best way possible. The four of its filters are stainless filter, bio-guard filter, ozone removal filter, and Combi-HEPA and carbon filter.

Together these filters can work wonder is in your house to ensure that no harmful chemicals are suspended in the air.

The steel filter is perfect for larger particles such as pet hair and pollen and can last up to 20 years. Bio-guard is the shield against bacteria and viruses that kills using electrostatic perspiration technology.

The ozone removal filter removes harmful gases. Both of these filters have a life –span of 20 years, like the steel filter. The combination of HEPA and carbon filter is what makes it effective against VOC and harmful chemicals. The activated carbon filter is too good for words, and it eliminates allergens, VOCs, smoke dust, and cleaning chemicals. This will require a yearly change.

It has a high CADR (clean air delivery rate) and ensures it cleans air efficiently. It takes in air from all directions and can cover 1,200 sq. Ft. Considering the area it covers, this air purifier is the best choice for the living room, garage, and even the whole house.

With its whisper-Quiet sleep mode, you can get quality sleep in the fresh air. It is energy efficient and auto-monitors air quality. It will detect the low quality and work on high fan speed until the conditions improve. The smart filtration system is wifi enabled comes with remote App control.

This also gives you information about air quality and odor, and instrument details. This addition to your home will let you have clean air to breathe and lesser hazardous health.  It is backed up by three years warranty.

2. Dyson Pure Cool HEPA Air Purifier WiFi-Enabled


  • Not only this air purifier will purify the air from VOCs, but it will also cool the environment down.
  • This air purifier is very effective against chemicals and can eliminate 99.5% of VOCs.
  • The activated carbon filter will make sure that it removes hazardous gases from the environment.
  • The indicator will give you real-time analytics about the quality of air.
  • You can control this air purifier with the help of Alexa.
  • It is a smart home compatible.

This is one of the most innovative designs of air purifiers on the market. Not only it looks good with every décor, but it is also very effective. The air purifier is equipped with several sensors for the effective monitoring of air quality.

It is an efficient filtration system for gases, volatile chemicals, and clouds of dust and pollens. The cylindrical construct has around the filter to suck in air from all directions. The sealed HEPA and activated carbon filters capture up to 99.97% of the pollutants. In a few hours, with this air purifier’s assistance, 99.5 percent of VOCs will be eliminated from the environment.

The air purifier has a combination filter that effective against gaseous pollutants as well. It has four built-in sensors to ensure air quality; ultrafine particles, allergens, NO2 detectors, and VOC detectors.

Its LED screen display shows the air quality reports in real-time. Being an energy star certified is an economic investment. Its filter life is one year and can cover an area of 400sq. Ft.  This air purifier is the ideal choice living room or even garage.

It is smartphone compatible and lets you control the machine through the app. You won’t have to be in any hassle and can control the purifier with your device. It can also work with Alexa and Siri for voice control. Use the device’s quietest setting for the nighttime that uses dimmed light and continue to work to give you a good night’s sleep. 

This purifier has a non-typical fan that can oscillate, allowing you to circulate air throughout the room. The degrees of rotation are 45, 90, 180, and 350. The diffusion model is also present, and the device then projects the air through the back of the machine. So you can avoid the cooling fan in harsh winters—the air multiplier technology projects seventy-seven gallons of purified air per second to every corner of the room.

Key features

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3. AIRMEGA The Smarter App Enabled Air Purifier


  • This air purifier has the capability of cleaning the room that is as large as 250sq.ft, twice.
  • The indicator will let you know about the quality of air and there is an option of setting the air purifier on auto mode.
  • It is compatible with smart homes and can be controlled by Alexa.
  • The combination of a true HEPA filter and activated carbon filter will work wonders on cleaning the environment.
  • This air purifier has the perfect balance of technology and design.
  • It has five fan modes and a minimum noise level.

This is a smart purifier that can get the VOC filtration job done quickly. It would help if you remembered even paint VOCs; these compounds have the ability to stay suspended in the air and can be very dangerous to inhale. To combat these chemicals, AirMega is the best choice.

It comes in two colors, graphite and white. This means you have two options to choose from to add the aesthetic look to your room.

The available size is 1560 sq. Ft. and 1256 sq. Ft. it can ensure 2 and 4 folding increases in efficiency when used as recommended and in a smaller room. Its activated carbon filter is effective against VOC and provides you with fantastic air quality.

The activated carbon filter is very effective against chemicals and is indeed the best choice to eliminate VOCs.

A true HEPA filter is also present for the filtration of bigger particulate matter. It also minimizes fumes such as ammonia and formaldehyde. It captures the dust particles, is washable, and a permanent pre-filter is also present.

You can put it on auto and let the machine take care of your air quality. This option gives you a chance to stay at your place without bothering to be busy with the purifier.  It also has timer settings of one to eight hours for the automatic shut-down. Indicators for the filter’s lifetime are also present to ensure you wash and change the screen correctly.

It has an excellent app for remote control of the device.

In addition to power, it also lets you monitor indoor and outdoor air quality. Controls are compatible with Alexa as well as google home. The five fan modes include smart, sleep, low, medium, and high, with maximum noise at 43.2 decibels. Around LED displays the room’s air quality with blue light showing good quality, and red indicates unhealthy air.

4. Alen Air Purifier, for Smoke/Chemical


  • This air purifier is very elegant and goes well with all kinds of decors.
  • The 360-degree angle will purify the air from all sides.
  • Not only it is functional it is also very stylish.
  • Users can manually choose between fan speeds.
  • It girls with an indicator that will let you know about the quality of air.
  • It has an interactive control panel that is user friendly.

VOCs can be extremely dangerous. If left untreated, these chemicals have the potential of getting you in severe eye problems. Other than glaucoma, you can get into many other skin diseases as well. Air purifiers can clean the environment from VOCs, and Allen is specifically good in this regard.

It is an elegant and appealing purifier that can be perfect against the building-up chemicals and smoke at your house. One of the amazing qualities is the number of colors this design offers. If you have an original rustic-looking interior, its oak, rosewood, and weather grey color can complement the place. 

This air purifier is designed to clean the air in a 900 sq. Ft. room and thus a good choice for a living room or bedroom.

It is compactly built and works for all spaces of your household. It has an integrated HEPA filter with a layer of activated carbon that allows protection against pollen, kitchen smoke, fumes, VOC, and other harmful chemicals. Together these filters will make sure that no harmful chemical is suspending in the air.

It is beneficial in preventing respiratory issues and irritation and save you from certain eye diseases as well.

The power button has a built-in air quality sensor that changes color to define the air quality from poor to excellent. In auto mode, this purifier adjusts the fan’s speed and filter more air to a higher amount of particulate matter.

You can also manually choose from four fan speeds. Whisper max technology creates a calm environment and produces pink noise for deep sleep. The interactive control panel on the front face gives on all the control that you need. The filter life indicator tells you when you need the filter change. Average life can vary from nine to twelve months.

In the case of a small human being, a child-friendly vent guard is also available. With the motto of breathe better and sleep better, this design is functional and stylish all in one.

Key Features

5. Austin Air Helathmate Plus


  • Having this air purifier means having many health benefits because it eliminates a lot of hazardous particles from the environment.
  • Not only it has a true HEPA filter it also comes with an activated carbon filter.
  • It works effectively and makes full use of the filtration system to eliminate dangerous chemicals from the air.
  • Not only it is easy to use, it is easy to install as well.
  • This air purifier also works on allergens and take them out effectively.
  • The night mode will let you sleep peacefully at night while the purifier is at work.

Paint smells so good, but when you know that it is the major contributor of VOCs, the scenario changes altogether.  Austin is a reputed brand in the market, and it has a track record of eliminating VOCs from the environment.

This purifier is called a health mate for a reason. It specializes in the reduction of harmful chemicals, noxious gases, VOC, formaldehyde. It doesn’t matter how many chemicals are suspended in the air; with this amazing air purifier’s inclusion, things will change for good.

Broad-spectrum absorption technology provides coverage for all types of pollutants. It is a purifier on wheelies. This works amazingly well for people with respiratory sensitivities. If you are allergic or asthmatic, then this air purifier will do you a lot of good. It is a good option if you live industrial area or near a wildfire zone.

The medical-grade HEPA filter is integrated with 780 cubic inches of activated carbon. While the Hepa filter will ensure that it removes the airborne particles from the environment that is as small as 0.03 microns, the activated carbon filter will take care of VOCs.

Additionally, it is also impregnated with potassium iodide and zeolite filtration for effective VOC removal. It is a four staged filtration process where the order of removal starts from the larger particles to smaller ones.

This air purifier is very effective, and you can be certain of air quality after the installation. Gases and odors are removed after the medium-sized particles are filtered. It can work fine with areas up to 700 sq. Ft.

This device also protects against microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses—the 360-degree intake system and draw-in area for all sides. The air then passes through the four individual systems and is purified. Fan control offers manual control speeds of three kinds. It takes out all the pollutants for a healthier living environment.

The purifier effectively reduces irritating symptoms such as allergy, sneezing, and wheezing. VOC-associated symptoms, including coughing, headaches, and nausea, are also minimized. It is a fantastic choice for people with allergies and asthma. The device comes with a five-year-long warranty. It also possesses lasting filters that can go on for five years without changing.

6. Okaysou Air Purifier with Ultra-Duo Two Filters


  • There is a filter replacement indicator to make life easier for users.
  • It comes with child lock so you do not have to worry about child protection.
  • This purifier has beautiful built so it does not look odd in a bedroom.
  • It eliminates all harmful airborne particles including chemicals.
  • This one will work best in small rooms.
  • Pet owners specifically can reap most of the benefits of this air purifier because it is good to eliminate pet dander.

We do not want to believe it, but the pollutants are always present in the environment. These pollutants are the reason why the residents are always amid allergies and ailments. The worst kind of pollutants are called VOCs, and they pose extreme health threats.

This purifier is the perfect option if you are looking for sophisticated systems against unseen pollutants. It is ideal for the protection against dust pollen and VOCs. The specifications work in perfect harmony for 500 sq. ft. of area. It works fast and in an effective manner.

The air purifier possesses a medical-grade ultra –duo filtration system. It is a purifier with multi-use. Not only it works as an odor eliminator, but it also acts as an air deodorizer as well. It safely breaks down harmful gases such as formaldehyde, ammonia, and benzene to eliminate them from the environment. This is something that the stage filtration system can not do.

The advanced turbine motor and large inlet take up a large amount of air at once and filter it. It is a perfect solution for pet owners as it can filter pet hair and dander as well. Efficacy increases if you have a smaller room. You cannot feel the air quality after having this air purifier and using it for just a week.

Silent boast technology ensures noise reduction and undisturbed sleep. You can put this air purifier on sleep mode, where it will be working quietly.

Additional features include child-lock, sleep mode, shut-off protection, and filter replacement indicators. It also gets rid of harmful gases and odors of all types. Thus it can work perfectly fine in a kitchen or a living room with a fireplace. It is a highly rated air purification system that is a choice of many. The manufacturers offer a five-year-long warranty on the device.

In the case of related queries and issues, customer support is also available, which is US-based


There is no point in ignoring your health. Health is the greatest blessing of God, and we should do everything to take care of it. VOCs are harmful chemicals that have the potential to keep on suspending in the air. Only an air purifier is such a device with the capability and caliber to take care of these dangerous chemicals.

It will help if you remember harmful organic compounds can pose serious health threats. An air purifier is the only way to get rid of VOCs.

We have reviewed some of the capable air purifiers for VOCs. Keeping in mind the length of your room, now it’s your turn to make a choice.

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