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Before we talk about UL certification and why it is important, we must ask you a question. When you go to buy a product in the market you most probably go for the product that is certified? If the answer is yes then you already know why certifications are important.

Certain certifications make sure that the products are energy efficient. There is a certification that makes sure that the products require low maintenance. On the other hand, some certifications make sure that the product you are using is safe. If there is one certification that makes sure that the product is safe and secure than it is UL certified.

What is the UL Certification?

UL is a safety sciences company with 100% global coverage, they are present in the market for more than a century with innovative safety solutions.

As far as the abbreviation of UL certification is concerned, then it is underwriter laboratories. UL certification is a third-party certification company from 1894 to until now UL has tested and certified 14 billion products.  As a safety organization, the main role of UL is to ensure the standards while checking the wire sizes, build quality and it also falls in their role to check the devices can handle the amount of current they claim to be able to. Before issuing a certification, they also check the structure of the product as only a correct structure can ensure the highest safety.

UL does not test every product on their own they allow the manufacturers to check the products according to the standards and keep follow up. It’s not simple to print the UL certified; it’s a complex process that moves step by step like here are three phases

  • UL Listed: It’s related to consumer product mean the UL tests the consumer products for safety and sustainability standards.
  • UL Recognized: usually used in factories for large equipment, used for machinery parts that are made according to UL standards like circuit boards that power up large machines.
  • UL Classified: means the manufacturer does not apply for the seal to printed on end products

Once a product has the label of UL certification, then that product gets into the list of prestige products. Consumer trust more on the UL-listed products, and it ultimately increases the sale and trust level of the manufacturer.

UL certification makes use of UL testing, and because of this testing, the products are continually being tested to ensure that they are safe and up to the standard.

For instance! UL testing can test a wire size to see if it is correct or it can also test a device to see if it can handle the amount of current it claims to handle. On the other hand, UL testing also makes sure that it tests the products to see if they are constructed correctly.

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What a Consumer Must Look For UL Listed or UL Recognized?

These terms may seem similar but they are different from each other. First, we will be talking about UL recognized and what does it mean. In simple words, UL recognized focuses more on machinery and the parts of machinery then the consumer or the product. UL recognized will make sure that it certifies a piece of safe machinery. Mostly the machinery that is used in factories will go for UL recognition.

As far as the UL listing is concerned then it applies to Consumer products. For instance! If there is an appliance like a refrigerator and UL certification would want to see if this refrigerator is safe to use in households then it will be tested. Upon confirmation, it is going to be included in UL listing. If there is a product that is listed in UL listing then it is safe to use and that’s why it is safe from penalties as well. It also brings a lot of ease on the manufacturer ends, because UL checks the product structure, a correct structure is easy to manufacture and result in long-life products.

A consumer must look for the above-listed logo on the product if it’s printed that means it’s a UL listed product and tested as per their standards. There are many manufacturers who instead of printing logo simple mention UL certified or listed on their product that is also enough.

Why products need UL certification?

UL established a good face & consumer trust on them, it’s a result of their more than a century-long persistence, efforts and dedication to providing safe products to consumers in the United States.

The products are not bound by any law to go for UL certification but this certification plays an important role. Its truth that  UL spent a lot of time building a reputation and trust among the consumers.

 A UL certified product becomes the first preference of consumers and educated ones never consider to buy a product which is not made according to the UL standards.

Manufacturers who want to make sure that their product sales get the boost should go for UL certification. There is quite a chance that your machinery is not going to sell in the market unless it is UL recognized. People take safety very seriously and they would only go for such machinery or products that have the stamp of trust.

Final Words

The appliance can get fire, there can be chokes or hazards and even many other malfunctioning and dangerous faults. When a consumer is buying a product for his family its utmost important to prefer the safety of loved ones. Buying a UL certified product is the only solution to avoid all of the above-discussed threats.

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