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Portable dishwashers are an alternative to built-in dishwashing units. They are incorporated with wheels, which empower them to roll in and out of the storage as per the requirement. In addition to this, portable dishwashers drain water into the sink through the spigot attached. Thus, they do not need dedicated water channels as normally required by the typical dishwashers.

24 inches portable dishwasher

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Dishwashers are obtainable in a variety of sizes. However, 24-inch is the absolute size for portable equipment. Portable Dishwashers enable you to wash your cutlery, dishes, and baby feeding equipment any time and everywhere on the planet. In short, mobility is the value addition provided by the portable dishwashers. 

Why Do You Need a Portable Dishwasher?

Scrubbing off the dirt from the dishes can be challenging, especially when you are not at your place. This is the high time when you need automatic equipment to help you deal with dirty dishware and cutlery. Thus, portable dishwashers have proven to be redemptive in all such challenging scenarios.

Whether you are camping at some hill station or in any other remote area, the portable dishwasher becomes your travel partner to facilitate you anywhere.

Plus, if you are traveling to some remote area with a baby, a portable dishwasher becomes your immense need. Babies require frequent feedings. Therefore, there are high chances of baby mothers dealing with a lot of dirty stuff, specifically feeders. However, all of the mother’s fatigue can be easily relented with a portable dishwasher in the trunk of your car.

Finally, portable dishwashers are needed to ensure conformity to hygiene protocols while traveling because they allow you to wash your dishes and cutlery properly in remote areas with limited facilities available.

Why 24 Inches is the Ideal Size for a Portable Dishwasher?


The very first feature which makes a 24-inch portable dishwasher ideal is the capacity. It can accommodate a considerable quantity of dishes for cleaning in a single slot. To be exact, it has a capacity of 12-14 standard settings, which fits the majority of families’ requirements.

Plus, the primary concern for buying a portable dishwasher is that it must facilitate you dealing up with a myriad of dirty stuff. So, if you stick to sizes smaller than 24 inches, they are likely to accommodate few dishes, which you can even wash manually.


Users of 24-inch portable dishwashers get an ideal range of cycles. They can get as many as eight and as low as three cycles. So, this adds convenience for people using dishwashers.


What makes 24 inches an ideal size for the portable dishwasher is ideal dimensions. User can mount a 24-inch dishwasher on a countertop, bench-top, or any other place of your choice. In fact, you can also fix in a truck of your car.

How Portable Dishwashers Solve Problems?

Long gone are the days when the dishwasher was considered a luxury appliance. Dishwashers have evolved into a necessary kitchen-appliance, thereby offering a solution to many problems. However, bringing dishwashers to your kitchen is not the end of all problems. In fact, you may be plunged into unprecedented problems, and all your hard-earned money would go in vain. So, you have to make the decision wisely.

Portable dishwashers can help you evade all these problems. Let’s dive in together to know more about the problems you may experience with built-in dishwashers and how portable dishwashers help mitigate such issues.

Portable Dishwashers tackle space issues

Imagine you ascertain after buying a particular dishwasher that the space underneath the counter is not enough to accommodate the built-in dishwasher. So, what choice will you be left with?

However, a similar scenario could have been much easier if you had opted for a portable dishwasher.

Portable Dishwashers solve Mobility Issues

Washing cutlery and dishware is not always one location-based job. You may need to move and travel to different places. However, the built-in dishwashers are left behind upon changing the residence.

On the contrary, the portable dishwashers can be carried to any house irrespective of the kitchen layout.

Portable Dishwashers offer Additional Counter Space

Kitchens are in dire need of accommodating table items. This additional space is provided by the portable dishwasher, which allows you to place table items.

In short, a portable dishwasher becomes a mini table that can be moved anywhere when needed.

Portable Dishwashers are Cost-effective

Price is the primary concern for the majority of customers. Buying a portable dishwasher in contrast to a built-in dishwasher can be less expensive.

So, if you have a limited budget, you want a valuable addition to your kitchen appliance, the portable dishwasher is worth it all.

Hassle-Free Installation

Since they are not a permanent fixture, users can easily install a portable dishwasher without professionals’ services. In addition to hassle-free installation, they are easy to maintain as well.

3 Best 24 Inch Portable Dishwashers

1. Maytag Jetclean Plus Series 24 Portable Dishwasher – Black

Maytag Jetclean Plus Series MDC4809AWB 24 Portable Dishwasher - Black

Key features

  • Ideal for small spaces – because of the compact design.
  • No installation is needed – users can drag it anywhere in the house.
  • Hard Food disposer technology ensures thorough cleansing.

If you live in a compact residence, you might be wondering how you would fit the dishwasher in your kitchen. This dishwasher by Maytag is the best option available in the market when we talk about portable dishwashers. It has multiple unique features that ensure that it will bring value to your life.

The most exciting feature of this product is its design and weight. Considering its design, we can see a strong body that is durable enough to last longer than 5 years. However, if we talk about the weight of this machine, it is exceptionally light-weight. You can easily move this machine in your kitchen or lounge.

You can even use it in your lounge and later put it back in the place where it was kept. Unlike other dishwashers, it does not need to be installed in your kitchen. In fact, you can carry it by just dragging it to your desired room.

Along with these great features, what we cannot ignore is its soundlessness. This device is not going to spoil your peace of mind, even for a second. It runs on a salience rating of 64 dB. Therefore, you need to worry even if it is placed on your balcony, kitchen, or lounge. However, you need to take care of the electricity and water supply.

Another great feature is its hard food disposer technology. That saves the water pump from getting hard food deposits, keeping your dishwasher in lush condition. Moreover, to provide you total stain-free dishes, it has 3 wash options and 4 wash cycle that ensures your dishes are perfectly clean and shining like they are new.

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2. GE GPT225SGLWW 24″ Energy Star Fully Integrated Portable Dishwasher 


Key features

  • Tempered Steel finish ensures durability.
  •  Convertible so you can handle it the way you want.
  • Ideal for family settings because of the convenient features.

If you need a versatile dishwasher that cleans dishes just as better than a completely fixed dishwasher, look no farther than this GE portable dishwasher. It’ is additionally one of the top line dishwashers available with a tempered steel finish and a hard steel interior that would last longer than any other dishwasher of its category. Moreover, it eliminates the voice that you will experience during a wash cycle.

This full-size dishwasher is convertible; you can either keep the castor wheels on and move it around or eliminate the wheels with the goal that it sits level on the kitchen floor. Shockingly better: if you have more tight size limitations, you can further fold it adjust, and it cleans messy dishes almost just as the full-size dishwasher does.

For those with an adaptable spending plan, restricted space in the kitchen, and loads of filthy dishes, the GE won’t allow you to search for any other product.

Moreover, it runs on 12 plates settings that is enough for a standard family. Therefore, if your family consists of 3 4 members or even more, this dishwasher is perfectly suitable for you.

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3. Energy Star 24″ Portable Stainless Steel Dishwasher

SD-6513SS: Energy Star 24″ Portable Stainless Steel Dishwasher – Stainless Steel

Key features

  • No plumbing is required the dishwasher can be connected to the already present kitchen faucet.
  • Delay wash option to provide you the best washing experience without any germs.
  • 6 cleansing mode for different dishes.

This exceptional addition by the SPT has all the features that we have mentioned above. In fact, it has other features that no other device has yet offered. The first thing that catches the eye of the people is its design and aesthetic look. It comes in with a steel body finish and stainless steel finish that provides the buyers’ best experience.

Just like the best quality standard dishwashers that are portable, this device allows you to delay wash your dishes to eliminate every chance of germs on them. Therefore, people who are more concerned about hygiene can go for this product as it also has a rising aid warning indicator and multiple other features that ensure zero germs on the surface of your dishes.

Another good feature of this product is that it runs on six different programs that include “normal, heavy, rapid, economy, glass and 90 minutes).

You can use different modes for the different types of dishes and according to their condition. However, the capacity remains the same on all the moods ( 10 plates standard setting).

Moreover, the company has made this dishwasher keeping in mind the quiet operation. It runs on 52 dBA, ensuring a peaceful environment in your house, unlike the other dishwasher.

However, the Error alarm is a bit loud, which is also a positive aspect of this machine as the error alarm will inform you about any malfunctioning before it can negatively impact your device.

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A dishwasher is no more a luxury item. Rather it is a prerequisite for every kitchen. In case you live with family, then a 24-inch portable dishwasher will serve you better. The portability feature will also make sure that you take the dishwasher along with you wherever you go. For ease and convenience, nothing can serve you better than a portable dishwasher.

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