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At Smart Brainy Homes, we pride ourselves at providing timely and extensive information on smart home products. While we certainly haven’t touched on all the products on the shelves, we have completed research across multiple product categories over the years. Spanning from smart speaker reviews to high-quality baby products, below are all of the articles our team has written over the years. They’ve been organized by product category and sorted with the most recent articles published first.


  1. What Are The Basic Gadgets That Each Smart Home Needs?
  2. Which is Better? The Google Nest Mini or the Amazon Echo Dot?
  3. Best Smart Speakers of 2021
  4. Why Use A Smart Device To Lock Your Home

Smart Thermostats

  1. 10 Best Cheap Smart Thermostats of 2021
  2. 3 Best No C Wire Smart Thermostats That Work Without Common Wire
  3. 5 Best Line Voltage Smart Thermostats of 2021
  4. How Hard Is It to Install a Wifi Smart Thermostat?
  5. How to install the Honeywell Wifi Thermostat Without C Wire
  6. Should Real Estate Managers Use Smart Thermostats?
  7. What is Z-Wave Technology?
  8. Top 3 Z-Wave Compatible Thermostats in 2021?
  9. Emerson Sensi Smart Thermostat vs Nest E Learning: Pros and Cons 2021
  10. Honeywell Multi Zone Thermostat Review
  11. Smart Thermostat Ecobee3 Lite Vs Nest E – A Comparison
  12. What Is The Best Smart Thermostat For Google Home?
  13. What Is The Best Smart Thermostat for Alexa in 2021?
  14. Honeywell WiFi Thermostat Reviews
  15. 10 Best & Top Rated Smart Thermostats of 2021

Smoke Detectors

  1. Are Smart Smoke Detectors Compliant with Smoke Detection Guidelines in America?
  2. Smart Smoke Detector Devices: Pros, Cons and What You Need to Know
  3. The Best Smoke Detectors that Will Work With Alexa and Your Smartphone
  4. Are Hard Wired Smoke Detectors Better?: Pros and Cons
  5. Best Hard Wired Smoke Detectors 2021
  6. Which Type of Smoke Detector is Best for Your Kitchen?
  7. Top 5 Battery-Powered Smoke Detectors 2021
  8. Can You Use a Smoke Detector Outdoors? 10 Places To Not Place a Smoke Detector
  9. Which is better? Lithium or Alkaline Batteries for Your Smoke Detectors

Baby Products

  1. Top 5 Dishwasher Detergents for Babies
  2. 3 Best Dishwasher for Baby Bottles in 2021
  3. Top 5 Best Baby Bottle Sterilizers and Steamers 2021

Kitchen Products

  1. 3 Best Oven Liners for Electric Ovens of 2021
  2. 15 Best Dishwasher Detergents of 2021
  3. 3 Best Ovens With Slide Away Doors in 2021
  4. 10 Best Rated Microwave Ovens of 2021
  5. 4 Best Dishwasher for Wine Glasses

Air Purifiers

  1. 15 Best Air Purifiers for Smoke Under $100 to Keep Breathing Air Clean
  2. 10 Best Air Purifiers for Pet Odors Hair and Dander in 2021
  3. 5+ Best Air Purifiers for Mold Spores and Mildew in 2021
  4. What is the Best Air Purifier for Pet Allergies and Asthma?
  5. 3 Best Air Purifiers with Washable Filters