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What Is a Smart Alarm Clock?

Did you wake up this morning using a traditional alarm clock or did you use your phone? In any case, you’ve decided that enough was enough and that it was time to upgrade. So what’s so great about smart alarm clocks?

A smart alarm clock is an morning alarm that offers advanced features, which don’t exist in the old-fashioned devices. Some of these include WIFI connection, touch displays and for the purpose of this article, Amazon Alexa connectivity. 

The most advanced models even contain sensors that detect your movements and wake you up based on your body’s natural rhythms, but that will be for another article in our smart alarm clock series.

For today let’s focus on Alexa compatible devices!

Is a Smart Alarm Clock Worth It?

It’s a fair question! In our opinion, the answer is yes! A smart alarm clock has amazing features that both improve your sleep by tracking sleep cycles as well as having fun features like lighting options and connection to your music streaming service like Amazon Music or Spotify.

Don’t press the snooze button on this smart device. After all, you can’t put a price on being able to start your day off right.

Features to Consider When Purchasing Your Smart Alarm Clock

1. Alarm Clocks That Connect to iPhone or Android

Smart alarms that connect to the internet usually also come with more features than those that only connect to your iPhone. If the device that you’re looking to purchase connects to the internet on its own, it likely also has it’s own apps and unique features. Others that use Bluetooth and your phone’s WIFI normally have fewer features of their own.

2. Alarm Sound Quality

Alarms sound loud, harsh, and annoying. There’s no point in waking yourself up with a loud noise unless you actually need to. Good quality sounds will allow you to wake up feeling more rested. Some smart alarms have such great speakers that they can be used to play music when you’re hanging out in your room. They’re more than an alarm they’re also your smart speaker!

3. Health-Related Features

If you’re purchasing a smart alarm clock for the health benefits make sure to review the features that are most important to you. Some of these features include:

  • Sleep tracking: If you’ve got a smart alarm clock that tracks your sleep patterns, it’ll help you get better results by waking you up at the best time possible.
  • Heart rate monitoring: Some smart alarms have heart rate monitors built into them so that you can track your heart rate throughout the night

4. Media-Related Features

The most advanced alarms give your bedside table a sleek look. They include a smart display with touch capabilities, a built-in camera for video calls and even respond to voice commands. These smart devices are very cool and we believe should be in every home.

It could be argued that all of these features are distracting in a alarm clock. Do you actually need an LED display or are local radio stations all you need in an alarm.

Well if this is what you think, you won’t like the following products. We think the more features the better and with that in mind here’s our list of favourite smart alarm clocks.

Top 6 Smart Alarm Clocks that Work With Amazon Alexa

Finally, let’s get into our list of top devices. We’ve included devices that are both in the higher and lower price range and also summarized what we think is the best aspect of each device.

Note that while we’ve selected alarms that work with Amazon Alexa, most of the device in this list also work with Google Assistant.

1. Lenovo Smart Clock Essential with Built-in Alexa Voice Assistant

Best Overall

While this smart clock doesn't have all of the fancy gadgets from others on this list, it tops our ranking because of the its great design, compatibilities and from a trusted manufacturer.

Smart Rating
Modern & Minimal and Multiple Color Options
Alexa, Google Assistant

I was looking for a good alarm clock for my bedroom and found this one. Despite it’s minimal look, it has a lot of features and works great. The speakers are loud and of great quality. It stands #1 on our list because of the low price-point compared to other high-end alarms and Lenovo’s smart design that makes this both a pretty and enjoyable device to use. 


 2. Amouhom Smart Bedside Lamp

Highest Entertainment Value

This smart device is a sunrise lamp. Unlike others that have opted for a simple look, this clock goes all out. It's for this reason that we believe it to be the most entertaining device in the list.

Smart Rating
Colorful Features
Cool colors, fun features and overall great look
Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa

Have you ever heard of sunrise simulation alarms? The idea is that waking up by sunlight is more natural than by a sound that this will help you feel better during start of your day. I was surprised how much I enjoyed this type of wake up. 

The colors are beautiful, and the music is relaxing. My favorite feature is that colors can change based on the time of day. The mobile app that accompanies this device makes this a great purchase, we highly recommend it.


3. Echo Dot (4th Gen)

Most Trusted Device

You can't go wrong with an Amazon Echo. It's already up to it's 4th generation meaning that any problems that might have existed have certainly been all weeded out.

Smart Rating
Easy to Use
We've all heard of the Amazon Echo!
Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa

Did you know you can use the Echo Dot as a morning alarm? If you have a Dot you might not need another alarm clock after all! The Echo Dot is one of the most popular smart home devices on the market for good reasons. Versatile, super easy to use and well designed.

There is no learning curve at all. Just ask Alexa to setup a morning alarm and she does it.


4. Echo Show 10 (3rd Gen)

Most Advanced

While this is the most advanced device in this list, we also think that the high price point might put this device out of reach for most people.

Smart Rating
High Tech
Everything and anything you could image in a smart device
Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa

We’ve been using the Echo Show for about a month and love it. This is the best of the best when it comes to smart home devices and is much more than a digital alarm clock. It’s a digital picture frame, a video player for late night Netflix and a general hub to control your home.

The last one is the real advantage because if you have other smart devices in your home, you’ll be able to control them all from your Echo Show 10.


5. ULIKOOM Smart Bedside Lamps

Most Unique

Is it a lamp or an alarm clock? It's both! It's a new twist on the concept of a smart alarm clock and allows all of us to own a smart device that doesn't look like one!

Smart Rating
Unique Look
Lovely device that offers many smart features
Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa

When we tested this lamp, we realized that unlike the other alarms in this list, this smart home device really just looks like a lamp. It’s cheaper than similar devices on this list, yet is bright and love that it can wake us up without sound.

This is an especially interesting feature if you don’t want to wake up you spouse when getting up. Only downside is that the time isn’t showed, however this wasn’t a deal-breaker for us.


6. Obucesy Intelligent Wake Up Light

Most Affordable

We know many devices in this list were pretty expensive. So as promised at the start of the article, here's one device that all of the cool features without the high price tag!

Smart Rating
Very Affordable Device
Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa

Is is a great alarm clock. It’s designed to maximise the reach of the light it emits to lighten the whole room. It has a nightlight feature, which is great for kids and the ambient light is perfect to help anyone (not just kids!) fall a sleep in the evening.


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