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Front door locks are the vanguard of the abode’s sanctity. The smart locks rightly defend any green-eyed intrusion with the help of AI support and a host of cutting edge features. Our editors get down the blog to usher you cautiously towards the smart purchase of smart defenders. The proactive knowledge is requisite, keeping in view the heavy investment you place for securing your abode.

best smart door lock

Before plunging into the sale, you must consider the following features that almost all the cutting-edge smart locks hold;

  • Artificial Intelligence – The integration with compatible AI solutions such as Alexa, Siri, or Google Assistant is the smart locking phenomenon’s stepping stone.
  • Deadlock or deadbolt – The deadlock allows you automatic locking while the deadbolt requires a key for conventional locking.
  • Multiple combinations – A smart lock should be equipped with multiple locking systems such as tapping through the app, conventional key lock, and touch-screen panel.
  • Constant follow-up – Cutting-edge smart locking technologies have an eagle’s eye on your sweet abode’s entrance. Any botched attempt is reported via incessant notifications and emails. Some locks go the extra mile by a resounding siren.
  • High aesthetics – The smart lock affixes on the face of your door and a shabbily built structure would be a stigma on your home’s decor. The smart lock should be swish, nifty, and elegant to extend a state-of-the-art aura.

Protecting your home with the smart locking solution has a variety of benefits; among the long list, the scintillating ones are;

  • 24/7 watch-and-ward
  • Foolproof protection
  • No hassle in case of key loss
  • Voice integration
  • Selected access and denial to home’s entrance
  • Smart integration with home appliances.

We have picked some of the top-performing smart locks and reviewed them for your convenience.

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1. Yale Assure SL Wi-Fi Smart Lock

Yale Assure Lock SL, Wi-Fi Smart Lock - Works with the Yale Access App, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, HomeKit, Phillips Hue and Samsung SmartThings, Oil Rubbed Bronze

Lock: Deadbolt | Smart Home Support: Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple Homekit | Connectivity: Wireless | Number Pad:  Yes | Alarm Alert: No | Code: Unlimited | Application: Yes

Key Features

  • Real-time notification — 24/7 notification keeps updating you about attempts, successful or botched, of open-shut. 
  • Share access – not keys — Allow the persons of your trust with the August application access; the access could be revoked at any time.
  • Oil-rubbed bronze — The oil-rubbed bronze finish is scintillating.

If you tend to forget things, including keys, the Yale Assure lock is perhaps the best assurance against the bottleneck. The lock is remotely attached to the August app that allows Yale Assure lock’s distance-based operations. The lock could be assisted by any of the intellectuals of Artificial Intelligence, i.e., Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, and Alexa. 

The aesthetics of the Yale Assure lock is mind-boggling. The minimal front panel with the swish finish or oil-rubbed bronze extends a heavenly look. Besides, you could also purchase the matching locks with the door lever.

The keypad responds by glittering upon touch; however, if the response is too late, then melodious voice jingles into the air – “time expired.” To save the charge, the lock automatically goes into slumber mode.

The smart keyless lock by Yale Assure has two main fortes; a slick exterior look and smart compatibility. In sum, Yale Assure is one of the best contemporary key-free deadbolts to configure your abode’s access smartly.

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2. August Wi-Fi (4th Generation) Smart Lock

August Wi-Fi, (4th Generation) Smart Lock – Fits your existing deadbolt in minutes, Silver

Lock: Deadbolt | Smart Home Support: Alexa, Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant | Connectivity: Bluetooth, Wireless | Number Pad:  Optional | Alarm Alert: No | Code: Unlimited | Application: Yes

Key Features

  • Biometric verification — Before distant usage, the lock requires fingerprint or face recognition verification, although once. 
  • DoorSense — The door sense feature aspires you of the door’s status, whether lock, unlock, open, or close via the activity feed.
  • Quick installation — users could install the August application within ten minutes.

August Wi-Fi smart lock is the smallest in its range and the first having an embedded Wi-Fi. The AI support by Alexa, Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, and a variety of third-party platforms makes the lock highly compatible and competitive.

Like other August locks, this variant replaces the mechanical thumb-turn function while leverages the other existing mechanism. The puck-shaped design reminds us of a sci-fi movie. August lock is designed in matte silver texture, sporting a grip and replaceable magnetic faceplate. The alongside lit indicates the August logo. The lock can also be operated manually just turning left or right, left to unlock or right to lock.

August uses the dual-connectivity booster by Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. While a couple of CR123 batteries replenish the supply lines for three months, after this, the batteries need to be replaced. Moreover, the IFTTT compliance allows the lock to interact with various third-party hosts; this feature enhances the usability manifold. Furthermore, august can also integrate the home security platforms such as Logitech, Honeywell, Logitech, Samsung, and SimpliSafe into the August lock. The installation procedure is quite simple and only requires the base level technical competency.

Finally, the AI support, glitch-free application, CR123 batteries, IFTTT compliance, embedded Wi-Fi, and a small size perches the August Wi-Fi smart lock above all the contemporary smart solutions. The only downside is the somewhat pricey tag, but as it is said, there is no such thing as a free lunch.

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3. Schlage Encode Smart WiFi Deadbolt with Camelot

Schlage Encode Smart WiFi Deadbolt with Camelot Trim In Satin Nickel

Lock: Deadbolt | Smart Home Support: Amazon, Alexa, Ring, and Google Assistant | Connectivity: Bluetooth, Wireless | Number Pad:  Yes | Alarm Alert: Yes | Code: 100 | Application: Yes

Key Features

  • Built-in alarm — The built-in alarm discerns the intrusion aptly.
  • Easy installation — a single screwdriver could install Schlage via a single screwdriver.
  • Built-in Wi-Fi — The built-in Wi-Fi feature requires no secondary bridging.

Schlage is a smart lock and is highly comfortable to use, at least easier than the pronunciation of the brand’s name; the pronunciation is “shh-layg,” by the way.

Most smart locks need separate bridging to connect Wi-Fi, but Schlage has a built-in Wi-Fi capability. The lock is compatible with the apex security giants. Simultaneously, the keypad ADA-compliance and exquisite design option make the Schlage a top-notch choice at hand, or precisely on the door.

The built-in Schlage lock could be integrated into the Amazon, Alexa, Ring, and Google Assistant via the Schlage Home app. Besides, the lock is also manufactured by the high-tech security apparatus. The lock allows over 100 users to access it. Schlage is not a kind of sell-and-forget brand; three years of electronic and lifetime mechanical warranty care for you everywhere and anywhere.

The built-in alarm identifies the intruder with a beeping siren. Although the alarm is not noisy, and it is hard to listen to if you are not in proximity. Still, this siren is a good way to thwart the amateur attempts of the entrance.

The BHMA/ANSI Grade one rating corroborates security compliance. The Schlage app does not require a monthly subscription. While the only caution you need to take is replacing the whole deadbolt, and installation is a bit complicated. However, the installation could be comfy thanks to the interactive guide. In sum, Schlage Encode Smart Wi-Fi Deadbolt is an over-the-top security solution with enmeshed glittering features.

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4. SimpliSafe Smartlock

SimpliSafe Smartlock (White) - Compatible with SimpliSafe Home Security System (New Gen)

Lock: Deadbolt | Smart Home Support: SimpliSafe Home Security Solution | Connectivity: Wireless | Number Pad:  Yes | Alarm Alert: No | Code: Unlimited | Application: Yes

Key Features

  • Home Security Solution — The default Home Security Solution extends the overarching security umbrella.
  • Automatically locking — The door automatically gets locked by SimpliSafe after inserting the wrong PIN five times.
  •  A timer for anticipated locking — user can also set a predetermined timer

SimpliSafe smart lock is a dainty solution to deadbolt your home’s access with the overarching security solution. However, the user must bear additional monthly subscription costs—the swish escutcheon with black-lit keypad sports a nifty outlook. The lock has a spacious two and a half inches thumb turn to slide off to show up the AA batteries that replenishes the button, speaker, and lock.

At the same time, the RF radio is used for communication. The SimpliSafe security system could be controlled by the web console or similar android or iOS mobile applications. Users could generate creative pins to sign the kith and kin.

Nonetheless, SimpliSafe could not be integrated with the other smart devices, nor does it support “If This Then That (IFTTT)” applets. However, SimpliSafe is easy to install and configure. The only restriction is the free access to third-party meetups.

Well, if you are not comfortable with the SimpliSafe security system, you may go for the combo pack of Connect + Lock. However, a little hefty on the pocket, this combination allows free access to third-party devices, supports AI support such as Siri and Apple Homekit, and extends IFTTT commandment. Furthermore, the combination will not need base-station or Z-wave radio for home automation.

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5. Array Cooper WiFi Connected Door Lock

Array 23502-119 Cooper WiFi Connected Door Lock Satin Nickel

Lock: Deadlock | Smart Home Support: Alexa | Connectivity: WiFi | Number Pad:  Yes | Alarm Alert: No | Code: Unlimited | Application: Yes

Key Features

  • Compatible with iOS and android — The software efficiently runs both on iOS and android.
  • In sync with Amazon Echo — you mumble “Alexa, lock my door,” and the magic begins.
  • Direct connection — Array directly connects with the device sans requiring the hub.

The Array is a nifty lock with a hidden keypad and solar panel to minimize the battery’s usage. The lock could be integrated with the Alexa smart home compatibility. Nonetheless, the lock does not support the IFTTT protocol. The array is a good access manager; however, the integrated smart home solutions would be a far cry owing to the non-existence of Z-Wave and IFTTT.

A combination of two rechargeable lithium batteries alive the power supply by the boost of 5,200mAh. You can assign the e-code of four to six digits to the users by the physical keypad adorned with a blue LED display panel. The code could also be altered and revoked at any time. Simultaneously, the video could also be assigned to multiple users for access with the condition of any-time revocation, alteration, and conditional allowance.

The Array takes leverage of the combination of solar and battery power. This hybrid juice neither compromises efficiency nor drains down the battery earlier than usual. Furthermore, the lock could only be controlled by the Android or iOS supported default Array application.

In short, Array is a nice lock but with a restricted appeal. Still, there is a long way to reach out for total smart integration. On the flip slide, the design is alluring and makes it a comfy choice for budgeted buyers.

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6. Kwikset Halo Wi-Fi Smart Lock Keyless Entry 

Kwikset 99390-001 Halo Wi-Fi Smart Lock Keyless Entry Electronic Touchscreen Deadbolt Featuring SmartKey Security, Satin Nickel

Lock: Deadbolt | Smart Home Support: Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa | Connectivity: Bluetooth, WiFi | Number Pad:  Yes | Alarm Alert: Yes | Code: 250+ | Application: Yes

Key Features

  • Multi-access — Kwikset could be operated through manual locking, operation through the app, or using the touch screen panel.
  • Enhanced security — The enhanced security sends instant notifications upon the failed log-in attempts.
  • Voice assistance — Kwikset could be operated distantly through voice recognition by Alexa or Google Assistant.

Kwikset Halo WiFi smart lock is a nice way of locking and unlocking the door in a jiffy. However, integration is not overarching. The built-in WiFi feature is compatible with the Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. Some other stellar features of the Kwikset are nifty design and easy installation. Moreover, the lock does not support the IFTTT protocol.

The unlocking and unlocking could be executed in various ways, including entering code through touch-screen, accessing through the Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa commands, tapping through your mobile, or using a conventional key. The Bluetooth and WiFi setup is easy to install and grab the nearby compatible devices intelligently.

As far as design is concerned, the Halo is completely viable for the doors from 1-⅜ to 2 inches thickness. The secondary assortment contains strike and latch, four AA batteries, mounting hardware, and exterior and interior escutcheons.

The secure system is bolstered with two random digits that need to be tapped before entering the usual four-digit code. The system is made foolproof by tamper alarm while the configuration side sends a plethora of emails upon three failed attempts of open-shut. The screen turns off after every 60 seconds to minimize the usage of energy. The Kwikset mobile application is also compatible with both Android and iOS users. Furthermore, the application maintains the archive of in-cum-out.

At long last, if you need a good-looking lock with flexibility in usage, the Kwikset could be a top choice. You could create over 250-codes to extend the one time or multi-access to the comers and goers in a value-for-money price bracket.

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Lock in on the Conclusion

If history is a guide, only those survive who keep themselves abreast with the time’s zeitgeist. Smart locking relieves the recurring fears against the foreign malaise.

All the ebbs and crests of smart locks are aptly covered in the above reviews, and we hope you will finally stumble upon a value-for-money product.

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