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One of the key features (no pun intended) of an intelligent lock is its ability to lock and unlock without the use of traditional keys. No more digging around in a bag or handbag for the keys you misplaced. If you intend on replacing your standard lock, why not replace it with an intelligent locking device also known as a smart lock? The following article discusses how smart locks and their main features, which makes them far superior to traditional locks.

How Does a Smart Lock Work?

Smart locks are devices connected to the internet and capable of connecting to your smartphone. This means that through your Apple or Android device you can control the functionality of the smart lock remotely, offering you greater convenience and flexibility.

In addition, many Smart-Lock models have a traditional key slot as well, in cases where you’re phone won’t connect such as when it runs out of battery.

Best Features of Smart Locks

With the Bluetooth connectivity on the device, you can lock or unlock from a distance or automatically open the lock when you approach the door. This feature is often referred to as geo-fencing.

Keeping track of who goes in and out of your home is also possible. Some devices can send notifications when the door is opened and even produce reports to let you know who was in and out of the house. This feature is often loved by parents who want to know when their children get back from school or at what time they come in at the end of the day. Each family member could have their own different code to unlock the door.

Smart locks allow you to open your front door remotely. This can allow you to open the door for a mailman dropping off an expensive package or to let in a family member that forgot their keys.

What Should First Time Buyers Know?

There is a difference between a touchpad lock and a smart lock. While many locks that can be unlocked using a digit code have exited for a very long time, these locks were not connected to the internet. A smart lock is a device that connects to the wifi of your and has many more features than the traditional keypad lock.

If you have an existing hub such as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Samsung’s Wink Hub 2, SmartThings or Apple TV, make sure that your selected smart lock is compatible from the start. Take note that while many smart locks can connect to all of the most popular smart hubs, a lot of devices have their own apps and can’t connect directly to other apps or smart assistant systems.

The Yale Security YRD226-ZW2-619 smart lock is an example of a great device is compatible with most smart hubs. The Yale device does have a key slot, but know some device do not. If there is no physical key slot and the person getting doesn’t have their phone, devices can also be unlocked using the keypad.

The only disadvantages of smart door locks is that they require a power supply, and some do not work without it. Hence, when you experience a power outage, you’ll have to use the lock’s physical key slot. We also find it difficult to find a single manufacturer that produces a full smart home security system. You might have to purchase you locks, cameras and alarm systems from different companies, which can lead to complications with compatibility.

What if Someone Steals Your Phone?

If someone steals your phone they will be able to control your lock. In this case, as in the case of a lost credit card, you will have to either block the front door using another phone connected to the lock until you get to your house. Each lock manufacturer has clear steps to help you reconfigure the device, which usually starts with you disconnecting your stolen phone’s accesses to your home.


Smart locks are a new line of home security devices that have many practical and useful features. Companies such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home are helping home owners create the smart home of the future. Smart home technology as a whole has evolved in recent years to develop better and more useful devices, including built-in surveillance cameras, alarms, intercom functions and much more.

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