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One of the most important things in a home is safety and the one thing that can help you stay safe is a good smoke detector. There are many benefits to a wired smoke detector. We’ve written a full article about it here. Overall it comes down to less maintenance, the possibility to connect all detectors for them to all go off together when there’s a fire and 

We have complied this list of our 3 favorite wired or hardwired smoke detectors for you to compare the differences among products and pick the one that fits your needs. 

1. Google Nest Protect Smoke Alarm

Most Advanced

Developed by Nest, this brand is a newcomer to the smoke detection technology, but one of the most trusted brands in smart home devices. This smart smoke detector contains all of the features of other devices and much much more.

Smart Rating
Modern & Minimal and Multiple Color Options
Google Assistant, Z-wave hubs

This is one of our favorite smart devices. It’s much more than a traditional smoke and CO detector, we’re talking about an extremely advanced smart home device. Nests Split Spectrum Sensor looks for multiple smoke signals, from light smoke to actual flames to ensure the warning matches the level of danger.

Unlike the other devices in this list it has multiple smart features. Finally, it comes in both battery-powered and hardwired versions.


2.Kidde Hardwired Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detector

High Safety Features

We love the safety features included in this device. Our favorite are multiple alert levels, such as voice alerts for small problems and full sound alarm for fires. We are also pleased to see the 10 year guarantee on this device.

Smart Rating
High tech at affordable price point
Device Quality
Comes with a 10 year guarrantee

Kidde is a company that has done great work in helping homeowners get high-quality home security products. From sensing invisible particles in smoke to alerting everyone in your home of potential danger, the Kidde Wired Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector with Lights will ensure the safety of your home all with the convenience of a wired smoke detector.

With a battery back-up it will keep functioning and keep people safe during power outages too. A sleek red LED display readout displays voice alarms when CO or fire dangers are detected.

For additional security, this clever device has tamper-resistant technology (aka “security screws”) built into an aluminum back plate so you can rest easy knowing Kidde will stay put through thick and thin despite unscrewing


3.First Alert BRK 7010B Hardwired Smoke Detector

Lowest Cost

Inexpensive and effective, this smoke detector includes the expected features of a traditional smoke detector and alarm. While it doesn't have all of the features from other devices, the price is unbeatable.

Smart Rating
Lowest Cost Option on the Market

This hardwire smoke detector with photoelectric sensor is among the most affordable devices on the market. Since you will most likely be purchasing a handful of smoke detectors for your home the cost can quickly get out of hand.

As for as low cost smoke detectors go we recommend this First Alert device above all others.


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