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How can you protect your home and family from a potential fire? One of the most important things to do is make sure all of your smoke detectors are working. What that means is changing the devices about every 10 years as recommended by the NFPA. 

But what if no wire is passed along to your current device or if your home is off grid? In this blog post, we’ll show you some battery-powered smoke detector options. These will be our review of the best products on the market today.

Quick Note:

Many hardwired smoke detectors also have battery backups but do not purchase these devices. Since they are intended to run on a wired connection they often consume more power from batteries than the detectors developed specifically for battery usage.

That means if you run a hardwired smoke detector on its backup batteries you will end up  having to change your batteries more often then if you had purchased a battery only device.

As you know there are many benefits to battery devices:

  • Your devices won’t lose power during a blackout or storm!
  • Easy maintenance (No need to call an electrician)
  • Battery-powered smoke detectors are usually cheaper

In addition, given their simplicity these products come with everything needed for installation: mounting brackets, screws and wall anchors, and even batteries included in some cases!

You just need to choose which one best suits your needs based on features like sensitivity level and size.

While we score the products below based on multiple criteria, in our opinion the main difference to look for when purchasing your new smoke detectors are:

  1. The device meets National Fire Prevention requirements
  2. Type of battery and battery life
  3. Photoelectric vs Ionizing smoke detector (Ionizing are more sensitive and less recommended for kitchens)

Finally, if you’re thinking of switching to hardwired devices please read our article on the main benefits of wired smoke detectors.

1. Kidde Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detector

Guaranteed Quality

A product tested and recommended by over 20,000 happy customers screams high quality.

Smart Rating
Manufacturing Quality
10 year guarantee included
Great Price
Priced at below 25$ and cheaper in multi-packs

When smoke is in the air it’s always possible to open a window, however high levels of carbon monoxide are not only odorless but opening a window won’t help. This device, as well as others on this list, combines both smoke and carbon monoxide (CO) detection.

While many might have not heard of Kidde before shopping for a smoke detector, the company has been manufacturing innovative safety products for more than 50 years.

One of the reasons we’ve added this device in the top of our list is because of the sheer number of positive reviews it’s received online. As part of our research we’ve read through the good and bad and found that the satisfaction overall very high.

Some great features of the device include multiple types of alarms. This means no more loud sounds for low batteries.

Finally it includes an amazing 10 year guarantee which is a testament to quality of their device.


2. Kidde Smoke & CO Detector (Lithium Battery)

Easy Maintenance

How much more powerful is a lithium battery than a AA alkaline battery? Some research shows that can last up to 8 times longer. Lithium batteries mean changing batteries far less often for you.

Smart Rating
Long Lasting Batteries
Expect these batteries to last 6 months at least
Google Assistant, Z-wave hubs

The Kidde Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detector Lithium Batteries is designed to be effective in identifying potential dangers, while at the same time reducing the need for ongoing battery replacement.

One interesting feature to note is that the detector in this device makes use of photoelectric & electrochemical sensing technology to detect visible fire particles or carbon monoxide gas which are analyzed using intelligent algorithms.

Photoelectric detectors are the types we recommend in your kitchen or garage where there is more likely to have light smoke even when there aren’t any fires. In fact, we’ve already recommended this device in previous articles.

Naturally, with a higher-end power source this device is more expensive as well.

Last note, this device also features tamper-resistant tech so that kids won’t have any fun removing it.


3.Combination Smoke and CO by WJZX Tek

Best Value

Sold at 15$, this smoke and CO detector is one of the most affordable devices in the market today. There aren't any excuses for not changing your smoke detectors now.

Smart Rating
Less than $15
Small Size
Almost invisible on your wall

There’s more than the low price that helped this smoke detector make it on our list. We also added this device because it’s also one of the smallest available smoke detectors.

That’s right! Most smoke detectors measure about 5 inches across, but this device measures less than 4″, It’s no secret that smoke detectors are not the prettiest of devices. Although smart devices have made many new design improvements that really changed that, traditional devices aren’t the best.

We love that this manufacturer made the effort to reduce the size of their smoke detector and for this reason it made it to our top 3.


4. Google Nest Protect Smoke Alarm

Most Advanced

Developed by Nest, one of the most trusted brands in smart home devices, this smart smoke detector contains all of the features of other devices and much much more.

Smart Rating
Modern & Minimal and Multiple Color Options
Google Assistant, Z-wave hubs

This is more than just your typical smoke and CO detector, we’re talking about an extremely advanced smart home device. Nests Split Spectrum Sensor looks for multiple smoke signals, from light smoke to actual flames to ensure the warning matches the level of danger.

Get phone alerts so you know all of this without needing to be right on top of things and if alarms start blaring unexpectedly, use the app to silence the alarm.


That is something no other smoke detector on this list can do, however we know that the price of this device can be prohibitive. (especially that you’ll usually need to purchase at least 5 for your home)

This device comes in both wired and battery-powered versions.


5. Siterwell Smoke Detector

Most Affordable

Priced at 11$ per smoke detector this is by far the cheapest device on this list. If you are looking for a device that meets all the minimum requirements, without spending too much this is the smoke detector for you,

Smart Rating
Least Expensive
Batteries will last 1 year

At this price the batteries are not included with the device, however the box does include everything else you will need:

1 x Mounting Bracket
2 x Screws
2 x Anchor Plugs
1 x User Manual


Despite it being much cheaper we believe this this is still a great device that will satisfy your needs and keep your home safe. This device has all of the features you would expect in a smoke detector and even has unique features we haven’t seen in other device such as a safety clip that ensures the device is never mounted when the batteries are missing.



Final Thoughts

We hope you enjoyed reading the reviews in today’s article. This is part of our 10 part series on smoke detectors where we  analyze the technology and rate our favorite devices.

The world is changing quickly and we know that it can be challenging to keep up with technologies new and old. Check out our resources page for more guides and reviews.

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