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Smoke Detectors equipped with alkaline batteries are rapidly disappearing. Reputable companies should only use detectors that have in-built batteries.

What’s the Difference Between Alkaline and Lithium Batteries?

They are made from different materials and have different constructions, which can affect their performance.

Why are Lithium batteries better?

While alkaline batteries can be a good option for everyday electronic devices and last longer than others, lithium batteries have distinct advantages over alkaline ones especially when it comes to smoke detectors:

  • They are made to last
  • They are able to withstand extreme low temperatures
  • Alkaline batteries are heavier than lithium batteries

A lithium battery is a superior alternative to standard alkaline batteries.

What Causes Alkaline Batteries to Eventually Stop Working?

Alkaline batteries cannot be recharged. They need to be replaced every 3-4 years. This means that unlike alkaline batteries, which you can recharge, you will need to purchase new batteries when changing them.

Are Lithium Batteries More Durable Than Alkaline?

The 10-year life expectancy of lithium batteries is impressive. It’s impossible for an alkaline battery to last that long so if your smoke detector last uses them you will need to change them more often. Lithium on the other hand need only to be changed after the 10-year replacement cycle.

Final Thoughts

Lithium batteries are better for use in smoke detectors. They last longer, can withstand extreme low temperatures and are lighter than alkaline ones.

In the next article of this series we will discuss about the best smart smoke detector that you can buy from online stores or from a local store near your home – find out more here!

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