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Smart thermostats make their debut in 2012 and after that smart homeowners get another choice to fully automate the temperature and enjoy automatic energy-saving schemes. But that does not overrule the programmable thermostats they are still present and become better. Few big players introduced smart programmable thermostats they allow to have access through the internet and add voice control while it also allows making flexible schedules to follow. Nowadays a variety of smart and best programmable thermostats under My Budget are available.

A best programmable thermostat will provide the temperature that you want while saving money being energy efficient. I must say programmable thermostats today are extremely advances and available in best forms which can control both heating and cooling behaviors. In this article, I review some of the best options available in the market and some are enjoying good repute from many years hopefully you will find one for your heat and cool system. I recently dig into Is Nest Thermostat Worth It? this topic helps you to understand what most modern thermostat can do and what it is capable of. Let’s move on to the review:

Honeywell Smart & Programmable Thermostat

Smart & Programmable

best programmable thermostat under My Budget

Honeywell Home RCHT8612WF T5 Plus is designed to give you confidence that you can manage the temperature of your house with the press of a few buttons on touch screen, and getting most preferred temperature inside your house not matter where you are. If you are homeowner who likes everything organized and on time then its the right product for you, it will follow the schedule that you set. It’s quite easy to use its seven day programmable schedule features and once you are done it will work on auto pilot.

Yo will be amazed to know that this affordable thermostat can detect your presence through geo-fencing and can decide for a better mode as well as you can adjust the radiou to turn off the device in its home away feature. Some of its prominent features are:

  • 7 day programmable flexible scheduling 
  • Work with favorite Amazon Alexa, Apple Homekit, Google Home
  • Remote App and smart alerts 
  • Location based temperature control 
  • Energy saving feature
  • Automatic changeover between heating and cooling
  • Customizable display

Honeywell Home RCHT8612WF T5 Plus is a best value against money. It’s up to you whether you program it as per your schedule or let it adapt to your life. You can stay connected with this thermostat from any part of the world through a smartphone app can can have full control over its functions as well as also can view energy reports. Its home away function will save you a lot of money while changing temperature when you are not at home that broadly depend on your location that it will get through you mobile. 

Its stylish and beautiful as well as it looks great on the wall, its color combination is selected carefully and main display show important information, you cannot find a button on it. From curved and smooth edges to slim body every thing is designed while keeping in view the taste of smart home owners. It may look big but its not, a smart and compatibility thermostat packed with a lot of features that definitely take time to explore. Its WiFi connection is stable during the review i install it in far space from the router where the signals was not too good but it did not lose connectivity that is really a great sign of quality and performance. Even when you lose WiFi connectivity it will keep following your schedule.

AI based home assistant add voice control to your device so you can ask your home assistant to change the temperature or turn on a specific mode. Accessing your thermostat while watching tv or staying busy in some other task is easy and it will also free you from the need of remote. 

You may forget to turn off your devices while leaving home but your thermostat will not, it will at the right time to save you on energy bills.

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Emerson Sensi Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat

Smart & Programmable

best Smart thermostat under My Budget

Emerson Sensi Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat made to keep the temperature controlling device simple, its packed with smart features as well as simpel to operate interface with buttons. If you have a little knowledge of thermostats and devices or even done a DIY project before then surely you can install it yourself, it’s not complex to install. It’s highly compatible with the heat and cooling systems, I found that it nearly works with all the devices that are being used in our country. It’s a masterpiece of technology that will put your mind at rest. I call it a DIY project because its app comes with a built-in installation guide that move forward step by step and make whole process easy. Its my most favorite thermostat under My Budget due to its features which are near to the costliest thermostats.

This classic looking thermostat may look traditional without touch screen but its powered with the WiFi technology and can connect to smart home systems, that can add voice control to your thermostat, and while performing other tasks or enjoying music or movies you can ask your home assistant to change the temperature. Its most prominent features are:

  • Highly compatible with most of systems
  • Comes with a longer warranty than most competition
  • Work with favorite Alexa, Google Home, Apple Homekit, etc
  • Typically does not require C-Wire
  • Every Star certified 
  • Featured to enjoy rebates
  • Remote control app and smart alerts to keep you updated 

Emerson Sensi Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat is not limited to just above mentioned features there are a lot more that makes it a perfect programmable thermostat to buy. The huge benefit that you get is not change in wiring it will work with the already installed with wiring. It’s designed to work with your existing installation and can control oil, gas, geothermal, radiant heat systems and pumps you can stay sure that its compatible with your existing heating and cooling system. 

You will be amazed to know that it utilizes two AA size batteries as a backup so when its not getting power from heat and cool wires it still can show you the statistics and temperature information and stay connected with WiFi. The superior app allow to view temperature receive alerts and change the setting of your home from anywhere.

Connectivity with the smart home AI based assistant is a real advantage that will eliminate the need for touch screen and enable many of additional smart function  to the termostat like it can make schedula and can take instruction with mouth word. It can track your smartphone to access your location that will help it to decide when to turn on the system and when it will be idle time. You can set your own seven day schedule that it can follow to provide you the best temperature that your want.

Even if you lose connectivity to WiFi it can control the heat and cool system effectivity just as you always wanted. In temperature you may find a variation of 1 degree if you measure it with any other device.

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Honeywell Home (RTH6580WF) Smart Thermostat

Smart & Programmable

smart thermostat under My Budget

Honeywell Home (RTH6580WF) Smart Thermostat is a least smart variant from the house of Honeywell. If you are looking for a straightforward thermostat with extensive compatibility. Then the product in the spotlight suits you. Whatever system is installed in your house, it can work with that, you can hardly name an incompatible system either old ones or the new entrants. It’s programmable up to seven days and can be controlled with voice when integrated with Alexa.  Its a WiFi enabled device that doesn’t have as many bells and whistles as some other modern thermostats but it offers all of the functionality that a smart home owner needs. 

Its reasonably priced, and durable as well as  a trustworthy option that can surely get you the temperature that you want. It’s compatibility AI based smart home assistants make it a best budget smart thermostat you can add voice control to this thermostat with any Home Assistant. Some of its more prominent features are:

  • Easy to install 
  • Easy to understand and setup 7 day programming 
  • WiFi enabled – Compatible with smart home systems 
  • Remote control app that also show local weather 
  • Work without C-Wire

Honeywell Home (RTH6580WF) Smart Thermostat is a perfect example of Honeywell’s commitment to quality. The flexibility of programming makes it a piece that you will love and voice control will not let you feel that you bought something less technological advance. It made to work with all either heating system of cooling and may be a heat and cool pumping system. It works with existing wires that are already installed and you are using with your old thermostat. You can expect a variation of one degree temperature it come only in white colors so these are the only limitations with this thermostat. 

Local weather on the mobile app will help you to decide about the inside temperature and when you are away from home local temperature information and app deliver yu alerts as well as provide you handy control over the system. Its fast and responsive, it will act upon your commands either you are using Apple Homekit, Alexa or Google Assistant and even IFTTT or wink. Its small and compact in size and a novice also can understand the buttons that what they can do so increasing or decreasing temperature will not be hard to do task anymore. 

Comes with backlit digital display that make programming easy and show you the necessary information. It will keep you free from standing in front of thermostat for hours because you can access and configure your temperature and make a schedule from the remote app.

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iDevices Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat

Smart & Programmable

iDevices IDEV0005AND5 IDEV005AND5 Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat, Works with Alexa, White Under My BudgetiDevices Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat is designed to work with either heating or cooling system and most advanced heat and cool pump system which are installed in most homes nowadays. C-Wire is mandatory to run this thermostat. I include this thermostat in this list because of its package the features which are available in this device; otherwise are only possible in costly devices. Its smart and compact as well as support voice controls through AI based Alexa home assistant.

During the review I find that its a stable device means it WiFi connectivity and its performance is quite stable it keep working without any error and monitor the devices effectively even when you lose connectivity to WiFi. The features never ends here it also comes with remote control app that allow to view statistic and temperature as well as provide full control over the device. Few of its most prominent features are:

  • Highly compatible, nearly work with all of systems
  • Work with favorites Amazon Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant 
  • No Hub required for WiFi and Alexa connectivity
  • Comes with 2 years warranty 
  • Simple design looks beautiful

iDevices Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat is a popular device from the IDevices which is a popular smart home devices manufacturer and a reliable source as well. In fact, this is not a modern looking device, its interface and its look is quite clean and traditional. The first feeling is very simple you might think that how to configure it for seven days with just a few buttons and without any wise display. But there is no need to worry, I experience that its application provide full control over its features and setting up a schedule of seven days is quite easy and hassle free as well as it app is useful to get statistics and other information.

Amazon Alexa and other home assistants compatibility add voice control in this device that eliminate the need of remote. You can simply ask your smart assistant to raise the temperature or to turn on the right mode, you will find it fast and responsive. I like its easy to connect application that provides straightforward access to many useful features. You may not get a futuristic looking device but surely its a device that is made to provide you the functionality that you need, in a very reasonable price. It’s easy to install and its compact as well as clean look.

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Vine Smart Wifi 7day/8period Programmable Thermostat

Smart & Programmable

Thermostat under My Budget

Vine Smart Programmable Thermostat is new in the market, I include this device in the list because its getting attention of buyers day after day. Its performance is quite satisfactory you can expect from it performance similar to costly thermostats. While on the other side its look is quite beautiful and on wall it looks elegant this is a reason people are selecting this under My Budget thermostat to control their heat and cool systems. I check this thermostat personally for few days on my existing setup and found it good. It’s easy to configure and its easy to connect as well as its user friendly remote app has a futuristic look that also allow full access to the features and functions of thermostat.

But its WiFi connectivity is not strong enough it can even communicate but if you install it a little far from the WiFi device then you suffer with connectivity issues. I suggest you to install it near the internet device and it will work fine. Its app and thermostat interface is quite responsive and fast to connect and respond. Some of its prominent features are:

  • 7day/8period Programmable
  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa , Google assistant
  • Anywhere access, remote app allow to access the thermostat on mobile or tab
  • Modern Style with touch buttons 

Vine Smart Programmable Thermostat is packed with a lot of features against a reasonable price I can hope that in the coming days this thermostat will get a lot of traction there is just one area that needs improvement which i discussed earlier, otherwise it’s a perfect thermostat for small home where you do not need to manage multiple zones and you also want remote access that can save you maximum energy.

Fits With Most Homes in N.America, yes its highly comatible like, Compatible with up to 2H&2C or heat only or cool only system, heat pump W/WO, Emerg.Heating and Aux.Heating. It is made to work on existing wiring so no need to install new wiring. Installation is also easy even if you do not have any experience of installation you can still install it within 30 minutes while following the step by step guide that’s included in the package.

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Honeywell Touchscreen Thermostat


Programmable thermostat under My Budget

Honeywell Touchscreen Thermostat is one that changes the market of programmable thermostats. Before this variant of Honeywell, every manufacturer was producing thermostats with small display and buttons but this one totally changes the market and give a clear message that touch screen is a also an option for programmable thermostats. It offers to control all the functions from the touch screen, no cannot find a physical button on this thermostat.

The display that I love most is quite simple and easy to understand as well as shows only basic information which is easy to understand with the uck temperature change options/buttons. It’s small and compact as well as easy to install, no need to certified professional to get it installed. Just follow the instructions and it will best work with the existing wiring. Simplicity does not mean you will lose control over the temperature it’s powerful enough to provide you the temperature that you want. Some of its features are:

  • Programmable up to a week
  • Equipped with an indoor humidity sensor
  • Work with most of the systems 
  • Blue backlight touchscreen make it attractive and easy to understand 

One feature that I like most is its temperature limits where you can set the minimum and maximum temperature and it will keep the temperature in that range. I never personally experience this thermostat but checked it out at one of my friend’s house who bought it when it was launched. It looks amazing on wall its large touchscreen is quite impressive and easily readable.

It also triggers reminders and schedules saved in the memory so a power outage will not require a new set when it comes online again. While having it in your living space you do not need a wall clock because it has one built-in that also follows day and night saving. 

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Lux Products Programmable Thermostat


programmable thermostat under My Budget

Lux Programmable Thermostat is a most basic thermostat with a touchscreen that is programmable and comes at a very affordable price. If you want only a solution, not a WiFi connectivity of smart features, then it’s a suitable choice in the market. It allows you to program different settings for a day as well as you can set your whole week and relax to enjoy in an environment that you like most. It is an elegant yet practical thermostat for those who want only programmable solutions to save energy as well as a wish to stay in a pleasant environment.

I research well about this thermostat and found that it’s compatible with most of the heat and cooling system used in the USA. Large size display is also a fantastic feature that allows us to view the necessary information and also helps to optimize the temperature setting. It also offers limit control where you can set the highest and lowest temperature for your home, and it will nicely follow the instructions. Its temporary temperature override option gives you the ability to have a different temperature without overriding your schedules.

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Orbit Comfort Programmable Thermostat


Programmable thermostat under My Budget

Orbit Comfort Programmable Thermostat is a straightforward programmable thermostat that allows you to set up a seven days schedule as per your routine with different temperatures on different time zones in a day. You can set a separate schedule for each day of the week with access to four time zones setting that enables you to select a different time in different parts of the day. While you can set one time zone for heat and other for colling that is really a amazing feature of this thermostat. It’s bright backlit will keep it visible in the room and allow us to read the information easily. 

It’s a thermostat that will ensure your house remains on the optimal temperature where you feel comfortable. Amazingly it can run without C-Wire because it run n AAA batteries, it will also show you low battery alert so you can replace the batteries on time. This feature enables to view the temperature of your house even when there is no power or in case of a power cut. It is compatible with all oil and gas heat and cooling systems while not intended to use baseboard heaters.

I believe that it’s extremely simple and customers who buy this device until now are quire satisfied with its performance. Its large screen display and clean large buttons allow adjusting the required temperature easily. There are not many bells and whistles which some may not like. No-nonsense its straightforward programmable thermostat under one hundred dollar.

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LuxPRO 5-2 Day Deluxe Programmable Thermostat


separate heat and cool thermostat under My Budget

LuxPRO 5-2 Day Deluxe Programmable Thermostat allows you to have a separate setting for weekdays and working days, so when you are at home all day, you can set a different temperature and can enjoy the whole automated process. The is another feature that you will hardly find in another similar capacity thermostat that is a separate program for heat and separate for cooling. So you can set different programming for both.

You may perceive it difficult that you have to set a lot of schedules to make it work, but it’s quite easy. Because this thermostat comes with a keypad where you will find the separate keys for each function, which will make the job easy and display keeps you informed about the current setting and temperature. Its temperature measurement is quite impressive; you will hardly find a variation of one degree that is normal in most of the thermostats.

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Honeywell 5-2 Schedule Programmable Thermostat


thermostat under My BudgetHoneywell  5-2 Schedule Programmable Thermostat is compatible with 2 heat 2 cool conventional systems and 2 heat 1 cool heat pump systems but not intended to use with the electric baseboard heaters. It flexible scheduling allows setting different schemes for weekends and workdays. It is made to save the schedule and even power failure will not affect the schedules. Its smart alerts keep you informed about the health of batteries, filters, and any other changes. It runs on 2 AA size batteries. 

It’s a small and compact size but its features are powerful enough to keep you free from setting the temperature again and again. Just make your schedule once and let it perform its job but yes you can have a temporary setting, that will not affect your permanent schedules. 

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Does programmable thermostat save money?

It is a question that can make your double-minded and you may start a new phase of the search. If you ever wonder do programmable thermostats really save money? then the exact and most simple question is yes they do. When you make schedules to run them when you need a specific temperature and keep your device off when you are away through programmable thermostats that in actual save money. Most of these thermostats are manufactured to save energy and programmed to run the device on the optimal level where the energy consumption is minimum and many come with energy-saving eco mode.

How do programmable thermostats work?

Through a program, you tell your thermostat when to turn on the heat and cool device and which temperature to maintain as well as you also program the shut-off time. A programmable thermostat follows the same schedule and through its hardware and software, it turns on and off the devices, as well as monitors the temperature to keep that on a specific level, for that thermostats are equipped with temperature sensors.

Are programmable thermostats worth it?

Ideally, a programmable thermostat can save you from 50 to 100$ in a year so it will earn its cost in just one year, moreover, it will keep you free from setting temperature again again again.

How much are programmable thermostats?

you can buy a high-quality programmable thermostat under My Budget and even in less. Because these are the most simple devices but can save you a lot of time and will bring convenience in managing temperature in your house.

How long do programmable thermostats last?

Programmable thermostats are durable and made to last for a long time, they usually do not malfunction and never encounter hardware problems.

Final Thoughts

Technology is evolving with high speed at this moment learning and voice-controlled smart thermostats are rules the market but programmable thermostats which are present in the market for more than two decades are still useful cost-effective and trustworthy. Advancement in technology brings a lot of ease for us like we can control the temperature from your mobile device and we can have control through our mouth words. That’s only possible with the smart thermostat which can connect through WiFi and integrate with other smart devices. I recommend most Emerson Sensi Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat because it offers all the benefits of smart thermostat and has flexibility in programming as well as it will fit into your budget.

My Picks of 8 Best Smart Thermostats

1 Ecobee SmartThermostat with Voice Control is most advanced thermostat like no other with 5GHz WiFi support and Quad-Core processor which makes it fast to connect with other smart devices and stay responsive all the time; Its built-in Alexa allow to talk with the thermostat without additional Alexa device and can connect other smart devices, its easy to install, made to save 23% on energy bills and works with other favorite smart home assistants like Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, Samsung SmartThings, and IFTTT.

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2 Google Nest 3rd Gen Smart Thermostat a futuristic design with user-friendly interface, an excellent learner it learns from schedual and automatically starts providing the most favorite temperature, it guides with alerts for the right direction to save on energy bills, farsight lights it up to show necessary information when you are near, it's engineered to work with all heating and cooling systems, and it nearly support 95% of existing system and its room sensor support allow to manage the temprature of different zones.

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3 Ecobee4 Smart Thermostat with Built-In Alexa comes with a power extender kit that makes it able to work without C-Wire, It keeps you free from the need of Alexa device and its highly compatible with all existing heat and cool systems; room sensor support, power-saving feature and remote connectivity makes it a modern device that everyone wants nowadays, it can sense your presence and can turn on the right mode.

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4 Honeywell Home T9 WIFI Smart Thermostat comes with sensor support, and amazingly its sensors have a remarkable range of 200 feet, it packed with all modern features like remote control access through the app, energy-saving mode, and its builtin home assistant, It is supportive of adding voice control through Alexa and Google Home; moreover, it comes with power adapter to overcome C-Wire requirement and work with most of the heating and cooling systems.

Shop now at Amazon
5 Google Nest Thermostat E is a budget thermostat with the frosted display; it is one that provides remote access to thermostats and reports through the mobile app, detailed energy reports help to optimize the system for energy saving, it is compatible with Alexa so you can control it with your voice as well as its home assistant, energy-saving feature and simple schedules that you can set up quickly.

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6 Ecobee3 lite 2nd Gen Smart Thermostat is a budget-friendly option that has all modern-day features accept built-in Alexa, it works with all of the favorites like Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Microsoft Cortana, Samsung SmartThings, Wink, and IFTTT as well as compatible with most heating and cooling systems used in the USA, home away assistant and energy-saving feature along with remote app it has everything that you need.

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7 Emerson Sensi Touch Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat ST75 is a top variant of Emerson Thermostats, and it is an Energy Star certified product that can surely save money on energy bills; it has extensive compaitbility, comes with a remote app that provides full access to energy report and control over the machine, Works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit, Samsung SmartThings, and Wink smart home platforms, it works ith C-wire.

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8 Honeywell Home T5 Plus Smart Thermostat is a most budget-friendly option in my list; it comes with seven-day flexible scheduling and smart alerts that will keep you informed about power consumption and temperature, it automatically change from heat to cool, and its remote app provides full control over the device while it's Alexa connectivity makes possible to control the thermostat with voice, C-Wire is a mandatory requirement for this thermostat.

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