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The advancement in technology brings ease for human beings, and technology becomes affordable for most people with the count of time. The best example is smart home devices; the trend to convert homes into smart homes is growing year after year. Dozens of manufacturers are making smart devices that provide full control over home appliances and electronics through the internet and app. These intelligent devices can communicate with each other. Now it’s possible to control the whole home’s temperature from one thermostat. The best smart thermostat for multiple zones will be a need to automate your home’s temperature altogether. 

The best smart thermostat for multiple zones supports room sensors that you can place in your house’s different rooms and areas. A sensor can detect the occupancy and temperature then signal the thermostat to switch to the right mode. 

These sensors also help to tune your thermostat to an optimal level. Like on the app, you can see the temperature of different rooms through the sensors and amend your schedule accordingly. Only a few products support multizone management, while with others, you need to buy more thermostats. We reviewed some of the best options available and found under-listed three most reliable and technologically advanced.

Smart home thermostats are quite different from the traditional thermostats that people use for many decades. In the backend operations, these intelligent thermostats control the heating and cooling devices without any human intervention. In the front end, they are equipped with a digital display and connectivity as well as compatibility. The advanced connectivity makes it possible to connect the thermostat with the Wifi, and users can access the full configuration through an app and can set preferred format as well as get alerts and can generate reports.

While compatibility with other devices enables these thermostats to communicate with other smart devices, Wi-Fi connectivity and the ability to communicate with other devices and take instruction are real game-changing features that allow users to have preferred temperature perfectly and conveniently.

In this article, we reviewed some of the best options available in the market that can control the temperature of multiple zones. Before moving forward, let’s have a look at the benefits that one will get with the multi-zone thermostat:

  • Reduce the equipment cost – you need to buy a single thermostat, and additional room sensors are cheaper to buy.
  • Lower installation cost – the main unit’s installation is required only, which saves the installation cost.
  • Better control – on the single app, you will have all the data and control from where you can customize each area separately.
  • Easy to manage – you can set the preferred temperature of different zones, and occupancy detection makes it energy-saving.
  • Energy-saving – with multizone thermostats, it becomes possible to run the heating and colling devices only when needed and necessary. 

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What to consider while buying the smart thermostat for multiple zones?

Buying a smart thermostat to manage multiple zones is not easy to job because many claim this feature. But I hardly find few choices in the market that can connect to google assistant and Alexa and control different low voltage air conditioning and heating systems. As we know well, smart devices can interact with each other, and a good buy can communicate and provide full control over the different parts of your house to manage and monitor the temperature effectively. 

During our research, I learned that compatibility and integration is the biggest issue as well as advantage that one may get or face when managing multiple zones from a single thermostat.

For a technology lover, it will always be the most prominent parameter while buying. But if you look in more detail, you will have to take care of a few other parameters, which are:

Room Sensors

Smart sensors that can access the temperature and other parameters are essential to managing your house’s different areas. These sensors are designed to act as a relay that provides the necessary information to the main unite; they connect to the thermostat via Bluetooth technology.

Like most advanced sensors can detect the human presence, and when a person enters the room, it sends information to thermostats, which turn on the devices to maintain the temperature.

Along with temperature, these sensors also can detect the humidity level and many other things. 

For every single room or area, you need a separate sensor. Most of the market thermostats come without a sensor, and you need to buy sensors. When you are purchasing additional sensors, you must check their compatibility with the device.

Sensors that can communicate quickly are best to use because they will not slow down your application response, and the central thermostat unit can have full command over them.

Distance is another factor that comes into effect and needs to consider seriously. Some models are made to work up to 50 feet, while costly options can communicate effectively from 200 feet. I recommend looking for low consumption Bluetooth sensors because they are quick and can communicate effectively from afar.

Connectivity with Smart Home Devices

Smart thermostats made to manage multiple zones from a single place are complete devices that can work independently or connect with Wifi. But during our review, connectivity with other smart options like Amazon Echo, Google assistant, Homekit, etc. Bring real ease that every smart homeowner wants in his life.

Connectivity with other smart home devices has some significant advantages like you can control the device through voice command, and with just a mouth word, you can change the setting. 

It also makes it possible to get it on the phone and provides you with effective control through other apps. Moreover, this connectivity is always good to manage the smart home devices from place conveniently. 

Power Extender Kit

Some specific models only work with C-Wire; you can look into specifications and requirements to figure it out. I believe that it’s an option like you have already installed C-wire installed in your smart home, then there is no need for a power extender kit. You can install a smart multi-zone thermostat into your existing wires.

But if you don’t have C-wire installed, you may require a power extender kit that will make it possible to run the thermostat through ordinary home wiring. 

Some models genuinely work with the ordinary house wiring, but with most of the thermostat models, it is required; usually, it’s not included in the package.

Voice Recognition

It is the most discussed feature and the most important one because 70% of household users control their smart devices with voice commands. When you get Alexa or another similar system compatibility, that means you are moving over to voice command.

Above I already discussed integration; the voice recognition feature is also covered in that. Connectivity to other smart options Amazon Echo, Google assistant, Homekit also enables this fantastic feature.

We list the best available system which is compatible with most smart home solutions.

Touch Screen

A good quality touch screen not only provides necessary information but is also a primary way to control the smart multi-zone thermostat. Through its touch screen, you can adjust the temperature schedule and can perform other required operations. It’s necessary, especially when you are in view to use mobile for every task.

I figure out that every smart homeowner looks first at temperature when he gets into the home; it should allow you to control the HVAC devices with ease. 

I recommend looking for a touch screen display that is user-friendly and easy o understand and provides all the necessary information and allows to set a schedule with minimum touches. Most modern options are good to have control over the heating and cooling devices.


It’s not necessary to look for this feature because advancement in technology makes it possible to increase or decrease a room’s temperature in minimum time. Smart devices can learn your schedule and prepare the required temperature while following the program. But if you are too cautious and want a preferred temperature inside when getting home, then geofencing is the only solution.

The smart thermostat can access your location through geofencing and turn on the devices to maintain the temperature when you reach your home.

User Friendly App & Home Away Feature

Look for a user-friendly app that you can understand because it will allow you to connect with the system and quickly change the setting. A clean and straightforward interface application is also easy to understand and gives full control over the system. Our recommended systems come with user-friendly apps that are easy to use. You may download and check the app before buying a thermostat. 

We advise you to look for a schedule and try to make your own, and figure out either it’s easy for you or not. You also have to consider the room sensors’ app connectivity that how much responsive they and what information is accessible from them.

Home away feature turns off all the devices when you are not at home, lowering your energy cost.

Best Smart Thermostat for Multiple Zones
  • The most advanced smart thermostat; is compatible with 2.4GHz & 5GHz WiFi, so there is no need t upgrade in the future. It comes with eco+, Spotify connects & Bluetooth streaming, and Alexa calling, messaging & drop-In.
  • Stunning design; crisp glass finish, vivid touch display, powerful quad-core processor make it a hot and most potent smart thermostat in the market.
  • Smart sensor; one sensor comes in this package, while you can buy additional if you need to monitor the temperature of more rooms in your house. 
  • Energy-saving feature; it’s made to save up to 23% of energy, which is usually wasted in your home, and works best for heating and cooling systems.

Ecobee Smart Thermostat with Voice Control is an option that a technology lover will never want to miss. It’s the most sophisticated device in the market, which integrates perfectly with the Alexa, Samsung smart things, apple home kit, and google assistant, as well as IFTTT. Whenever the system you have in place, it can work fine with that, and voice control will bring a lot of ease in your life; the feature that I love most is, I can talk to Alexa through this device so when you are near to this device there is no need to search for other options. A good chance of a multi-zone smart thermostat.

Its mobile app will give full control over the thermostat, and you can remotely configure and keep an eye.

Its ability to stream Spotify will take you on another level, and the advanced Alexa feature keeps you connected with the most robust technology. 5GHz support and a quad-core processor are the ultimate benefits that provide quick processing and hassle-free communication among devices and fast app response. It’s easy to install option that comes with all the accessories and one sensor to manage multiple zones.

Drawbacks: nothing found not to love; first-time Alexa connectivity may take time, but once integrated, it works fine. 

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Google 3rd Gen Nest Learning Thermostat

multi zone thermostat

  • Learner: yes, it is a learner who learns the temperature that you in the different parts of a day and automatically schedules to set the same temperature, which saves you from the complex programming.
  • Smart enough: it quickly learns how your house warms up to set the preferred temperature that you like most, and it’s convenient to control it from your mobile device or computer; through wifi wherever you are, you can have access.
  • Nest leaf: it’s an energy-saving mode that is builtin, engineered to save maximum energy while maintaining the exact temperature that you like.
  • Home assistant and nest connectivity: it will turn off when you are not at home, and it can communicate with the nest from 50 feet.

Google 3rd Gen Nest Learning Thermostat is an intelligent option that Works with 95% of 24-Volt heating and cooling systems, so whatever devices you are using, you can connect them with Google smart thermostat, including gas, electric, forced air, heat pump, radiant, oil, hot water, solar and geothermal. Its home assistant system stops all the running devices when you are not home.

That is the best feature to save energy as well as it lights up when you enter into the room or when you are near and shows you the necessary information. 

Its auto-learning feature will take up to a weak to understand your routine and preferred temperatures, and then it will automate all for you. The app connectivity through Wifi provides you control over the full system of this thermostat. The feature that we like most is its energy history to check and can further optimize to lower your energy cost.

While on the auto energy-saving mode, it will select the best setting for you and will reduce your bills.

Low energy Bluetooth connectivity with sensors is another advantage of this thermostat; you can extend the sensor up to 18 Sensors supported per home. With the app, you can see the temperature of different areas and can manually change if needed.

Drawbacks: you may feel it slow in the first week when it’s in the learning stage.

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multi zone smart thermostat

  • Ideal zone management: the smart sensor can keep the temperature of individual rooms the same that you want or like, sensors can detect the presence in the room and start adjusting the temperature automatically, you can add more sensors.
  • Extended sensor range: it becomes possible to control large houses with just one sensor; sensors can effectively communicate for up to 200 feet, their signals are efficient enough to convey the exact situation.
  • Money Savor: it’s home scheduling system automatically adjusts the temperature as per your need and schedule, you may forget to turn off your ac when you are not at home, but it will not.
  • App-controlled and alerts: yes, it can be configured from the app, and it sends you signals and keeps you informed about the change.

Honeywell Home T9 WIFI Smart Thermostat is fully compatible with Alexa and Google assistant; it can intelligently learn the schedule and routine and detect the presence of human beings in the room. All of its features make it an ideal brain to control the temperature of different parts of your home. Its sensors are designed to respond as per your lifestyle, save energy and keep the temperature you like. Auto Home and away modes are some benefits that will reduce your energy cost and provide you with the best weather. 

The intelligent sensor can detect the temperature, humidity and focus on the room where people are, and only it’s a technology-based solution that helps everyone sleep better.

You will be amazed to know that you can check the precise power consumption reports and may optimize them further for the best results. But we believe that its automatic energy-saving mode works best and can bring your energy bills down. It makes multizone management easy.

Drawbacks: its app is a little bit complex, its made to work with all devices that make it difficult to understand; like in the start, it may be challenging to find which sensor it is connected to. You will need some time to understand it.

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Ecobee3 2nd Gen lite Smart Thermostat, 2nd Gen

dual zone thermostat

  • Fully compatible: yes, compatible with all other smart devices and applications like Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Microsoft Cortana, Samsung SmartThings, Wink, and IFTTT.
  • Fully functional room sensors: the package comes with two-room sensors, and you can add two more to keep every corner of your house on a specific level.
  • Power extender included: no need to buy accessories; additionally, the essential one is included in the package so it can work even if you do not have a c-wire connection in your home.
  • Excellent control and energy saving: as per new research, it can save 23% energy, and its app provides control over the features that you can control from anywhere.

Ecobee3 lite Smart Thermostat (Thermostat With 2 Room Sensors) is the most affordable option for smart homeowners. Its features make it top of the line, like its compatibility and its ability to control other smart devices are matchless. Its robust energy-saving feature will recover its cost in the next few months. It’s most easy to install and comes with the accessories that you need to make it functional. If you are a person who wants convenience, then it’s a product for you. 

Rooms sensors play an important role in keeping the temperature balanced inside your whole home so you can place it where you want to monitor the temperature.

Other than the room sensors included in the package, you can buy another two to extend its functionality. These smart sensors can measure the occupancy and temperature then signals the thermostat to switch on the right mode. 

A step-by-step manual is also included in the package, which guides you through installing the thermostat and making the start-up and configuration easy for you. Manufacturer videos are also available on their portal, which demonstrates the complete installation process. We recommend this device most to our readers.

Drawbacks: nothing found not to love.

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Google T4000ES Nest E Smart Thermostat

honeywell zone system

  • Affordable: yes, it’s an affordable multi-zone thermostat available in the market; one sensor and thermostat cost you nearly 180$, which is a budget-friendly option.
  • Compact and stylish: display colors have been selected that suit everyone very carefully, and it looks beautiful on walls wherever you install them. To make it more attractive, you can install it with a base plate.
  • Energy savor & Home assistant: it can sense human beings and turn off all the systems when you are not home; its energy-saving mode saves you energy bills.
  • Compatibility & App: it compatible with Amazon Echo, so if you feel comfortable with Amazon Echo, you can ask your echo device to change the mode and levels as well.

Google T4000ES Nest E Smart Thermostat does not need any introduction from a technology geek because of its presence in the market for a long time, and hundreds of people bought this product. During the review, we find that some of the customers are not fully satisfied with the purchase. If until now you were using first-generation thermostats, then you will love this one because tons of features and customization was added to this model—the right thermostat for multi-zone smart thermostats.

Ceramic like a coating of plastic gives it a stunning look, and it feels fantastic on touch; its face is modern and stylish; this has all the features and programming options that you can expect from an expensive thermostat.

I love its neat feature; its display shows the essential and necessary information that makes it easy to understand the current situation. The frosted bezel lens, ring, and faceplate work correctly for me, and I can expect that every customer experience the same feel. 

It connects automatically and works amazingly with other nest devices. To benefit from the full features, you need to signup for the nest account; it’s also useful as a stand-alone product. I advise you to consider a compatibility check, which is available on the nest website, before buying so you can get information about compatible devices.

Drawbacks: not compatible with IFTTT, Wink, and SmarThings, not so easy to install, not compatible with 120v and 240v systems.

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multi zone thermostat
  • Wide range of compatibility: all the smart devices and solutions you can name are compatible with this smart multi-zone thermostat Apple Homekit, Amazon Alexa, Samsung SmartThings, IFTTT, and many more are consistent with this thermostat.
  • Built-in Alexa: this feature will enhance the device’s functionality and enable it for voice commands, which means you can control your thermostat and environment through voice commands.
  • Room sensors: it comes with one room sensor that you can place in any room or area where you want to regulate the temperature, and if needed, you can buy additional sensors.
  • Upgraded app: not only the thermostat but also the available app to configure and control this thermostat is an updated version with better controls and a user-friendly interface.

Ecobee4 Smart Thermostat is one of the most advanced multi-zone thermostats; this is the furthest thing from the minimalist. It’s packed with many additional features that bring a lot of ease in managing the temperature of your overall house. To know about the complete information, you need to go through the manual thoroughly. Suppose you want a thermostat integrated with all other smart home systems and can be activated with the voice command through Alexa. It made to work with C-wire, but its manual also elaborates on how to connect with the HVAC system.

Its installation may take some time because you have to integrate it with all other systems that might take time, while fixation is straightforward and may take 30 minutes in total. Once you connect all smart home devices individually, then it can communicate effectively. You may feel annoying while setting up this advanced thermostat, but when it runs, it will pay off against all of your efforts.

It is a thermostat that can manage the temperature of multiple zones and bring a lot of ease fo the owners. You have to place the room sensors and in different zones where you want to regulate the temperature. In general, it is a solution that makes you able to keep the temperature of your whole house constant. Its sensors can detect the occupancy to set further priorities.

Drawbacks: do not allow you to have a different temperature in different areas/rooms of your house, disabling Alexa to trigger a continuous alert, which is too much annoying.

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Not a true multizone thermostat

multi zone thermostat
  • Air quality monitoring and reporting: it is designed to monitor the inside air quality effectively, and when found something unusual, it triggers alerts and also reports the outside air quality.
  • Beautiful and compatible: yes, it’s a design that you will love most and looks gorgeous on the wall, and you will like to operate it from its LCD, as well as it’s compatible with Alexa and Google assistant.
  • Made for convenience: its automatic environment control feature regulates and provides a temperature that you like most and provides full control where you can make your schedule.
  • Single app control: the app allows you to control the different thermostats installed inside your house, so instead of sensors, you can connect multiple thermostats, which are more effective.

GLAS Smart Thermostat by Johnson Controls is a trusted device from a manufacturer making similar products for many years and has vast experience. But the story of this product is the different majority of customers do not like it, and its general reaction in the market is not good. The reason is not its functionality but its features that humans use to control the system. Even there is a lot of bias about this product, but here are some features which makes it a suitable device like:

  • Air quality sensors are a big plus.
  • It’s relatively easy to install.
  • Equipped with a built-in battery.
  • Its interface is quite simple and easy to understand.
  • The ultra-bright screen gives a futuristic look. 
  • Fast and responsive. 
  • Easy to connect with Wifi, and it’s quick to connect.
  • Built-in temperature sensors can be calibrated.

GLAS works with all 24v heating and cooling devices, and it’s compatible with Amazon Echo and Google Assistant, from where you can control it through voice commands. It will be a stylish addition in your house, and its app allows you to control the different multiple thermostats from various parts of your home from the single account that make temperature management easy and you will have access to full data.

Drawbacks: It lacks in some fields, and most are features that make smart devices human-friendly like: no portal available to connect other than the app, the screen turns off after few seconds even when you are in indecision condition to select an option. There is nothing that can allow increasing the time. It needs improvement in security features, especially timeout in case of a power failure and no sensor support is really a drawback. Instead of the sensor, you need to add an individual thermostat.

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Traditional thermostats were designed to regulate your house’s temperature from a single point, whereby these do not have any digital feature. But in the last decade, a lot of development happened, like first digital thermostats his the market and then smart thermostats rule market.

Now it’s time for multizone thermostats in which small sensors are placed in different zones of your house, which communicate with the main unite and signal the temperature change and share other data like occupancy, which is a most modern feature. Then the main unit decides about the mode.

There is a massive list of features and customization available with these smart multizone thermostats; everybody can configure them as per his need. But on the negative side, there are a few disadvantages of using multi-zone thermostats.

Disadvantages of Multizone Thermostate

Smart homeowners discuss different negative aspects as per their own wish and setting, but there are two main disadvantages that we found:

  • The very first one is the ability to use a heating and cooling system simultaneously like if you want o cool one and heat another one, then it’s not possible with a multi-zone thermostat, you are bound to use heating only or to cool only, and there are few which restricts to set one temperature only in the whole house. When you change the temperature in one room, the temperature of the whole house changed automatically.
  • Secondly, you will become more app-dependent. To see the temperature of other rooms and zones, you need to use your app when you are there, while the display will be available on where the main thermostat is installed. It really matters because if someone else is sitting there who is not familiar with your system, then he might feel discomfort. 


Yes, it does, because multizone management from a single place provides effective control and energy-saving plans which are a built-in feature of these thermostats works best and only turn on on the basis of occupancy.

Well if you already have some experience of hardware then you can do it yourself in a matter of minutes, even if you are new manuals elaborate on how to install with C-wire and without C-wire and even videos are available on the manufacturer's channels with step by step guide.

Yes, you can, it's not necessary to connect all of your heating and cooling devices with your thermostat you may connect either heating or cooling devices so you can comfortably use one system at time and thermostat work fine even with a single system.

They are a sophisticated piece of engineering and technology, the small device which needs fast communication and needs to connect multiple devices at the same time as well as fast processing and reporting. the combination of these all features cost a lot, as well as they, are made to integrate with the smart application and home assistant solutions which are costly too. all of these factors increase their cost. But once installed you will feel that the convenience it brings is a lot more than its price.

Their ability to work with the multistory building also depends on their range as these are devices that communicate with each other through Bluetooth. Every system has a different range most of them are made for the range of 50 feet while ............. can work up to 200 feet that are amazing range and also can work with multistory building.

Final Words

We list all of available options that support multizone cooling, for a new smart thermostat use it may take time to understand how multizone temperature setting and thermostat configuration works best. Its time taking to learn but once you get hands on it then all become easy for you. 

All of manufacturers are trust worthy and provide warranty as well as support that will keep your investment secure. So, choose any Best Smart Thermostat for Multiple Zones that fits best to your needs.

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