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How Long Does an Installation Process Take?

If you’re talking about installing a digital programmable thermostat, the process will take you about 15 minutes. However, installation time can be extended if there are any complications or problems with your wiring.

Luckily, most thermostats have an easy to follow installation procedure which will help you connect the wires and install the thermostat within a short period of time.

Is the Process Difficult?

Installing a wifi thermostat is surprisingly simple, just as long as you have the right tools. The most basic of these tools is a Phillips head screwdriver, and it’s best to use one with a long handle, so you can reach into hard to reach places. You’ll also need pliers and a wrench, although most wifi thermostats come with these tools for free.

However, it’s not going to be easy for people who have little experience using these tools and who don’t already know something about wiring. If this is your first time installing a thermostat, you might need an afternoon and take the time to clearly understand the instruction booklet to ensure you don’t make any mistakes while connecting the wires.

Are Certain Kinds of Thermostats Harder to Install?

There are several different types of thermostats that are available in the market today. The first one is the digital programmable thermostat, which is the cheapest and easiest to install – because they are usually only designed to control 1 heating appliance, such as a board heater.

A more complicated thermostat to install is a hybrid system, as they are required to have 2 devices – one for heating and one for cooling. They also have more settings than a digital programmable thermostat, which can be confusing when setting up for the first time.

What Does the Installation Process Look Like?

Step 1: Unpack your new thermostat and remove all of the packing materials such as foam and plastic packaging. Your kit will contain all of the required equipment for installation such as screws, power cables, mounting brackets, double-sided tape (if applicable), two AA batteries (if applicable), wiring instructions, installation manual and more importantly of course the thermostat itself!

Step 2: Your first task is to find a suitable place to install your new wifi thermostat which must be within 10 feet of your HVAC system’s outdoor unit or furnace inlet. This will be the location of your thermostat and the home’s central control point. The thermostat must also be within 40 feet of any other wireless devices such as a smartphone, tablet or laptop so that it can communicate with them.

Step 3: Connect line power cables and other cables to have the thermostat powered and functional. At this point the hard part of the installation should be complete.

Step 4: The final step is to program the smart thermostat using the wifi or touchscreen, depending on the model you purchased. The instructions for doing this will be found in the included manual but it is usually simply a case of following the on-screen prompts.

Making Sure You Get the Right Smart Thermostat for You
While most people are more than willing to spend money on a thermostat, they doesn’t mean that you are willing to do so. In addition, all smart thermostat models have limitations and you have to be sure that your heating/cooling appliances work with the specific thermostat you are looking to purchase.

What You Need to Install a Smart Thermostat in Your Home

To install a smart thermostat you will need to have the following:

  • Smartphone with Wifi Thermostat App
  • Bluetooth-enabled Mobile Phone (to pair with HVAC unit)
  • Installation device such as a drill or screw driver
  • Wifi Router or a wireless range extender that might be necessary if your smart thermostat is far from the source of the wifi router

Planning Your Wifi Thermostat Installation

Once you have your smart thermostat are you’re ready to set it up the next thing that you need to do is to decide where you want to install the thermostat. Most smart thermostats require two to three inches of space on your wall behind the existing thermostat for the wires to be installed. In most cases you can simply put it where the previous thermostat was located, but in some cases you’ll run out of space.

Programming Your Wifi Thermostat

The Wi-Fi Thermostat App is available for iOS and Android devices. Some units require the use of the Google Play store. The thermostat app can be downloaded from the respective app store or a website. A user manual is included which contains details of how to program the thermostat.

iPhone and iPad instructions:

  • Download the manufactuer’s mobile app from the Apple store (these are always free apps)
  • Create an account on the app itself

Android instructions:

  • Download the manufactuer’s mobile app from the Google Playstore (these are always free apps)
  • Create an account on the app itself

Once the app is installed, use the “Find Your Home” function in the app to locate your home’s devices. Using the Bluetooth function in your phone, pair up with one of the thermostats. Follow the instructions on the thermostat while following the prompts on your phone. The “find your home” function will take you to the “Set Up a Thermostat” screen.

Note: While most apps work very similarly, your specific setup process might have slightly different messages and steps.

On the next screen, you will select which thermostat you want to pair with. Next, repeat this step with any other thermostats you may have in your house. Once all devices have been paired online, all will be linked together via Bluetooth. You will then be able to set the temperature and configured schedules for wireless control of heating and air conditioning.

And there you have it, you’ll finally be ablee to control your device from anywhere and anytime with Wifi Thermostat on your phone!

The questions to ask yourself when installing a smart thermostat

  • Do you already have a Wi-Fi Thermostat or need to purchase one? If you haven’t purchased your smart thermostat, yet take the opportunity to find online guides specific to the thermostat that interests your most. The more information you find the easier it will be when you need to ask the internet for help. If you don’t find anything, perhaps you should look into a different device.

    For information on the top smart thermostats to buy in 2021 read our full article here.
  • How old are your HVAC system? If it is very old, you might have to extend an additional C wire to power the smart thermostat.
  • How many HVAC appliances are in your home? You can always install these thermostats one at a time, but remember that you will have to complete the installation in every year.
  • Is your smart phone compatible with the smart thermostat’s app? Old phones might not be able to support them, so try to install the app on your phone before making the purchase.

Final Thoughts

Over the last decade, home automation has grown into a booming industry. Homeowners are always looking for ways to streamline their lives. By installing a Wi-Fi thermostat, you will be able to automate your home’s HVAC system and it will even learn your heating and cooling habits over time.

We have found smart devices, such as smart thermostats to be very helpful in our lives and recommend them to everyone we speak to. If it’s your first time installing one of these devices, the task might be daunting, but rest assured manufacturers have made these products very easy to install for everyone.

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