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The Nest Learning Thermostat is a creation of Google Nest Labs; it’s a beautiful, easy to control, advanced, and sudorific creation that studies your home and leans your ways. There were many modern and hypothetical features that we can imagine before the birth of the learning thermostat, but thanks to the nest, it happens, and technology lovers are enjoying them.

An apple former engineer founded the nest, and currently, it is owned by Google. If you are buying this intelligent thermostat of the nest but worried, is the nest thermostat worth it? Then this article will help you to figure out either it is worth of money for you or not. 

The modern version of the traditional round dial and touch display with no physical button gives it a look that outdated many traditional and smart thermostats. Before its birth, rectangular shape thermostats were ruling the market, but new dimensions are now set to follow for all smart home manufacturers.

is nest thermostat worth it?

The learning aspect of this thermostat is the most prominent one. It also remained a core feature in all advertising. There is no need to program the thermostat manually. Just set the required temperature for a few days, and it will start providing you with the best temperature you like. Top of the line benefit sand feature are:

  • Great Design
  • Study your home & learns your ways 
  • Energy Saving Programs/features
  • Motion Activation and Geo-fencing tracks you
  • Automatically incorporate weather data
  • Adjusts based on who’s home
  • Highly compatible with other nest devices
  • Allows multiple profiles  
  • Monitors for HVAC issues
  • Work with AI-based home assistants

The device is barely 3.3 inches around and 1.2 inches thick, but nest engineers amazingly incorporate 10 sensors just for temperature. Other sensors are also in place to detect humidity, motion, and weather; the story does not end here. It’s also equipped with an ambient light detector to dim the thermostat display output when the room is quite dark.

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It’s completely different from the traditional style thermostats hanging on the wall. It is compatible with most AI-based home assistants and can integrate with other smart devices in your home so that you will have a rich experience of the smart home. I recently wrote in detail about the Nest Thermostat Competitors And Alternatives that will help to have a better understanding that which product is similar to this Nest learning thermostat. Actually, there is no competition in learning it will end all of the programming needs and keep you free from standing in front of the thermostat for a long time.

Farsight is also gaining popularity. It can detect you when you are near, light up the screen, and show important information. Below I discuss some of its features, which makes it a modern-day device and gives it a real value of money, read in full to know what you will get against your investment and how it will improve your living.

A Futuristic Design

I believe that either we can afford or not but we always wish to own something extraordinary, and this nature of human being pulls them to look for the most advanced and digital mastery pieces. Nest 3rd generation smart learner thermostat is one that everyone nowadays wants to own because of its beauty—the device showcases 229 vibrant pixels of digital mastery, colorful pop-ups, and many more like farsight. 

Its display is quite clean, clear, and easy to understand, with bright colors that look great. Its design shows necessary information so that a human being can quickly pick like it displays the latest weather conditions, temperature, and clock. Metal body and round-shaped touch display is the real beauty of this thermostat.

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User-Friendly Thermostat With No Buttons

Google is known to provide a user-friendly interface that is easy to understand and operate. Amazing, this thermostat is a masterpiece of creation. It comes with no button, and the cleanest and easy-to-understand operating systems of this thermostat make it a top-notch in the market. If you are wondering, is the nest thermostat worth it?

Yes, it worth paying the cost. Amazingly no button on the futuristic device was a real dream which comes true here.

You will be amazed to know that all of its features and functions are named realistically, and no explanation is required to understand them. When you are operating this thermostat, you can better understand each function through its name.

The Learner

As soon as I install this thermostat, I start automatically adjusting temperatures up and down. I figure out that it was due to the information that I was providing it as well as based on information that it is getting through its sensors; after eight days, it nearly eliminates any need for manual changes in temperature that was really a great experience for me, when I dig out more I find that:

It can learn from the schedule and adjustment that you make, and while considering the temperature, it starts providing the best temperature that the user likes most. It also learns how a house heats up or cools down simply for me. It’s time that how much time need for a specific temperature.

That helps this intelligent machine to decide when to turn it on to provide an exact temperature.

Room Sensors

is a smart thermostat worth it

This learning thermostat supports room sensors. Earlier, it was only possible to monitor the control of the room’s temperature where the thermostat was installed. Now, room sensors that can communicate with the thermostat can be placed in multiple zones or different rooms.

Room Sensors will enable us to monitor the temperature of different rooms; these sensors also can detect the occupancy so the thermostat can turn in the right mode. Nest sensors can work up to 50 feet; recently, I install a thermostat at a distance of 47 feet; there are only one-two walls in between the thermostat and sensor, and its works fine.

The Leaf Saves Energy

The leaf icon which represents the energy-saving mode appears on the screen in green screen means Nest turns to a temperature that is energy efficient. It’s a simple yet effective device to save on energy bills.

Many independent sources study the energy consumption of heat and coll system with Nest thermostat and found that it can save 10 to 12% on the heating and 15% on the cooling. According to my rough estimate, it can save from 100$ to 140$ in a year. 

It immediately converts to eco temperature when it senses you are no longer home and gauge your location to provide you with better weather that you like most when you return home. According to my estimate, it earns its cost in roughly two years while saving on every bill. The leaf turns green when you are saving energy, and it dims when you are not; when it turns on, that means you are in environmentally friendly mode.

It also supports rebate programs to avoid maximum usage during peak hours. You can signup for that if available in your area.

Easy to Install

It’s simple to install, take off your old thermostat from the wall swapping out the wires and old to Nest’s new baseplate. Pitching up the holes may take some time, but connecting wires and setting up the thermostat in the baseplate is easy to install.

You may need new holes because the old thermostats are big, but this one is compact and need only a little space. 

Fix the base plate first and then wires as per manual or while following the application step by step process. I only suggest you do it yourself if you are comfortable with the DIY project and trust yourself for such a job like you can wire and can connect without a mistake. Reinstalling the wires in the correct spots is the main job here.

In fact, if you do not know anything and just follow the application step by step process you can dog it easily. 

After connecting wires, just snap the Nest in the baseplate, and here you are done. It will start up and prompt yours for necessary information and setup. Here is a complete video of the installation that will make the job easy for you.

Once you install the thermostat, you can access the device by logging into your nest account or through; the mobile application is also a way to have full control over the device.

Airwave Feature

It is another futuristic feature of this thermostat; traditional and old cooling systems only run the furnace fan when the device/AC behind is running, and automatically when the AC stops, the fan stops too. The innovative airwave feature keeps the fan on when AC is turned off this feature allows distributing the cool air throughout the home.

It’s just a fan you can say that its a fan-only mode which is also equipped with a timer function for complete automatic operations. 

There is an incredible improvement over your old system that is humidification. It can sink the humidification level from the zip code and can automatically humidistat the house. In the older thermostats, this was a manual function, and you need a manual setup. Thanks to Google Nest, it automates all of these functions.

Remote Access Application & Energy Reports

You will have control of your thermostat on your mobile, and from anywhere in the world, you can see the statistics, it can deliver you the alerts, and you can change the setting. Overall its application provides you with full access to the features and functions of your thermostat.

Now there is no need to stand in front of your machine for the configuration. You can do it from your mobile, either Andriod or IOS. As I discussed earlier, it’s a user-friendly thermostat and application, too; a novice user can easily configure it. 

Energy reports can be useful to decide for further optimation to save on energy bills. Its detailed energy reports show you how you are consuming more so you can decide on a better temperature mode to save money.

Auto-Away and Early On

Its auto-away feature can detect you when you are no longer at home, you can set your radius manually, and turn off the eco mode, and even you can program it to completely turn off the devices to save maximum on energy bills. For this purpose, it depends on motion activation and geo-fencing while getting the location of your mobile. 

Early on, you can use a simple function to turn on the devices or get a specific temperature at a time. It’s a completely different feature and extremely cool.

It combines the knowledge gained via the time to temp features, which means how much time your house takes to reach a specific temperature and schedule. If you told you the thermostat that comes home at 7:00 PM and wants a temperature at 70F, it would decide how early to begin working to reach an optimum temperature, so when you walked in, you will get the 70F temperature.

It’s not an energy-saving feature but great to stay comfortable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is nest thermostat compatible with Alexa?

No Doubt it’s compatible with Amazon Alexa you can add voice control to your thermostat by combining it with Alexa, its connect with Alexa automatically from a single setup and can take instruction from Alexa you can ask your home assistant to raise the temperature, and it will be done instantly. So if you are still thinking is nest learning thermostat worth it, then yes, by combining it with Alexa, you can control it with your mobile and hands from just your mouth words while enjoying TV or during the game and even while cooking.

Is nest thermostat compatible with Homekit?

Yes, It’s fully compatible with Homekit, it’s easy to connect, and it’s fast as well as responsive; its two-way communication with Homekit will bring a lot of ease to your life.

Is nest thermostat easy to install?

Yes, it is easy to install; the whole job required just 30 minutes, The instruction manual in writing comes with the device as well step by step instructions available in the mobile app, and you also can benefit from the video.

Is nest thermostat wireless?

Its communication with the heat and cool system is wire-based, while for all other operations, it’s wireless, needs Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity to stay connected and updated.

Is nest thermostat compatible with my home

You need to check your device’s compatibility before making a purchase; you can use the nest compatibility checker for this purpose, but if you are using other nest devices, it’s surely compatible with them.

Is nest thermostat z wave compatible

The straight forward answer for me is not, there are many issues, and a new user cannot handle that all. It works but partially. Plugins are available in the market that one can use to make the nest compatible with Z-wave, but it is not easy.

Is nest thermostat equipped with a backup battery?

The Nest Learning Thermostat comes with a high-quality rechargeable lithium-ion battery that keeps it functioning for a maximum of 2 hours during power outages before it completely shuts down.

Is nest thermostat required C-Wire?

In most cases, the nest recharges its internal battery with the power from thermostat heating and cooling wires, but it’s not the case with every HVAC system. Like many other high tech thermostats, it may need C-wire with some HVAC systems, such as micro-controller-based systems and individual gas valves, which will require a C-Wire to work with a nest learning thermostat.

Is it compatible with other nest devices?

It’s highly compatible with other nest devices, like if it’s integrated with the camera, it can detect your presence through that camera. When combined with the smoke sensor, it can immediately turn off the fan to control the fire’s impact.

What are the disadvantages of the Nest thermostat?

Just like every new gadget, it also has some opposing sides. Still, these opposite sides are not large enough to change your mind like it may have a variation of 3 degrees in temperature, it may require tweaking, and it may require C-Wire to work with your HVAC system, its operations depends on its battery that you may not like because it lasts only for a maximum of two hours. But as I write earlier, these are not the issue that can really impact this smart thermostat’s performance.

Final Thoughts

There is a lot that you can do with this thermostat. It’s highly compatible with other nest devices, and in combination with each other, these can make a great smart home system. Nest Learning Thermostat is user-friendly and has a futuristic clean look and a good learner and energy savor. You must get this thermostat for your home if you are using other nest devices.

But for me, it has some limitations, like I need an additional Alexa or any other home assistant to add voice control, while Ecobee is offering a thermostat with built-in Alexa that added a lot of advantages. I bought this thermostat for a rich experience of design and learning AI.

Another reason for me was its compatibility with other nest devices as I am using many other nest solutions. I believe that the Nest thermostat worth it.

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