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Nest Thermostat is the most popular learning thermostat in the market; it’s enjoying this status after the very first debut from 2012 to now. The real revolution comes when Google acquired Nest and introduced an AI-based learning thermostat from where a new era of learning thermostats begins. Google Nest Thermostat is the go-to solution for many technology lovers to add smarts to cooling and heating systems. I believe that it’s premium hardware with a user-friendly interface. Every smart homeowner wants to install a Nest nowadays. The one most prominent reason is its energy-saving feature that can approximately save up to 23% on energy bills. We are in the technology market, and just like other Nest Thermostat Competitors And Alternatives are also available in the market, and many of them cost less.

It’s an ultimate solution for many who want all in one Homekit. The market of smart thermostats grows aggressively, and established players enjoy robust growth in sales that also attract many new ones to enter into the race, and few of them are doing well. Smart home assistants’ compatibility is another feature that is focused more in recent days. Such assistants are also good learners and can set schedules for users, which opens a new window for those manufacturers who cannot develop their own AI-based home assistants for thermostats.

Google Nest thermostat is compatible with most of the AI-based home assistants. It also has an own smart home assistant that can take decisions to save energy and to provide better temperature while switching to the right mode. It supports room sensors that work to detect temperature, occupancy, and other few environmental variables to make the smart thermostat experience better. If you are looking for better compatibility with AI-based home assistants then here you can find best thermostats for Alexa and the best thermostats for Google Home.

There is another edge that Google Nest is enjoying when compared to competitors and rivals, that is its compatibility with Nest smart home devices. The nest is making a lot of smart home equipment like security, cameras, smoke detectors, etc. Google nest can integrate with these devices and develop an overall system to provide better AI response; this feature gives it an edge over other thermostats. Like if it’s combined with the nest camera, then it can detect your presence from the camera just like motion activation, and geo-fencing of nest do, and when the smoke detector signals the smoke, it will turn off the fan to control the damage. 

Hundreds of smart thermostats are available in the market and many are manufactured outside of the USA. In reality, only a few are near to the Google Nest thermostat and here we list top-rated once:

Ecobee Smart Thermostat With Voice Control

Its Ecobee’s most advanced smart thermostat that comes with built-in Alexa, this feature adds voice control to Ecobee smart thermostat. It can integrate with other smart home devices and no need to buy an echo device separately. You will be amazed to know that it is manufactured with a quad-core processor and dual-band WiFi, so it is the only thermostat in the market that works with 5 GHz WiFi; ultimately, you can expect fast response and quick processing from this device. It will enable you to control all of your smart home devices from one place. Remote controls are not needed anymore; your voice will become your remote, and you can add 32 room sensors maximum to monitor the temperature of different zones inside your house.

nest thermostat competitors

  • Modes & Features: eco+, Smart Home & Away, Follow Me mode, Smart Recovery, Thermal Protect, AC Overcool to Dehumidify, Robust staging options, Optimal Humidity, Fan Dissipation,  Fan Dissipation
  • Work with Favorites: it works with all of well known AI-based home assistants like Google Assistant, Apple Home Kit, Alexa (built-in), Samsung SmartThings, and IFTTT

Ecobee Smart Thermostat is voice-controlled, but the above listed built-in modes add a lot of functionality and ease, as well as these modes, give quick access to most preferred settings and features. When you do not want to disturb the temperature and want a pleasant environment, you can customize your own mode or select a builtin one to save time. I like this thermostat more than the Google Nest because of its features and usability. Its state of art app provides full functionality and control over the thermostat and voice control add a lot of benefits, thanks to voice control and the app now there is no need to stand in front of the thermostat to make schedules and to change temperature. Here are some other Ecobee thermostats which are also similar to Google Nest:

Other Ecobee Smart Thermostats, Alternatives to Nest

1Ecobee4 Smart Thermostat with Built-In Alexa, Room Sensor Included, it cost below $200 this is the same price in which you get Nest thermostat but with Ecobee you will get Alexa Builtin and a room Sensor
2Ecobee3 lite Smart Thermostat In Actual this is a real alternative to Google Nest because it comes without sensor and packed with all the features that Google Nest is offering

In reality, Ecobee 4, which costs less than $200 and has the same advantage as the above-listed variant, is a competitor and alternative to Google nest while above listed one is a superior model. All of Ecobee smart thermostats are easy to install; installing an Ecobee thermostat hardly takes 30 minutes. Thanks to an easy to follow installation guide and manufacturer videos. A step by step walk-through is also provided in the app that makes it more convenient and easy for technology lovers. These thermostats are compatible with Gas, oil, electric, dual-fuel, Conventional (2H/2C), Heat Pump (4H/2C), Humidifier, Dehumidifier, Ventilator, HRV or ERV.

It comes with a power adapter so there is no need to worry if you have not installed C-wire you can use a power adapter as an alternative that will definitly save you money.

Honeywell Home T9 WIFI Smart Thermostat

Its most advanced thermostat of Honeywell is manufactured to compete with the Google Nest and Ecobee but this model is far behind in design, user interface, and learning. But it has one edge over Google Nest and Ecobee that is the range of its sensors. Its wide range sensors can communicate with thermostat from an effective distance of 200 feet, it’s really a big range so you can get install this thermostat if you own a really big house, this feature makes it possible to cover area of 400 feet in width, as well as monitoring multi-story houses, also become easy with this thermostat.  It can surely save you 23% on your energy cost as most of Honeywell’s thermostats are EnergyStar.
nest thermostat Alternatives

  • Smart and Responsive: it can learn the heating and cooling process of your house and when you need a  preferred temperature it can decide for a mod which can quickly heat or cool your house, it quickly connect its software and app is responsive as well as generate reports on one click
  • Work With Favorites: not all are supported but the most preferred ones are, its works with Alexa and Google Home Assistant

Honeywell Home T9 WIFI Smart Thermostat is packed with all of the features that you can expect from a smart thermostat like it’s engineered with multi-room focus, its main unit, as well as sensor, can detect the occupancy along with temperature so the thermostat will focus on the room which is occupied and it will turn off the device when it found you are not at home. When I see it in contrast with Google Nest I do not found it near to that but when I look for required features and functionality it’s a thermostat that offer all of the benefits that one needed.

The learning can be compensated when it connects to the Alex, the smart learning features that are not available in this device can be possible through Alexa but there is no competition in design either its interface or overall design, Google Nest definitly have edge over this thermostat. Its not the only model there are few other well-known models of Honeywell which are enjoying the good repute in the market from many years like:

Honeywell thermostats are an excellent alternative to Google Nest if you are considering the price and have a lower budget, the features that you will lose when paying less can be possible through AI-based smart home assistant. All of these thermostats equipped with a feature Auto Home and Away Mod that can save you money on your energy bills and will not run the devices unnecessarily. These are programmable and provide full reports of energy consumption so you can make a better decision. App offers complete control over the device and remote access to the thermostat. These thermostats are easy to install and comes with an installation instructions manual which makes the job easy.

Buy Honeywell T9 at Amazon

GLAS Smart Thermostat by Johnson Controls

Johnson Controls, who is manufacturing thermostats from decades, comes up with this model to compete for the Google Nest learning thermostats. GLAS Smart Thermostat comes Translucent OLED and futuristic design as well as few other features which Nest has not adopted until now. It can monitor indoor air quality as well as outdoor air quality, and this feature is not available in any Nest thermostat. Amazing and user-friendly screen interface is an added advantage of this machine. Still, it remains to fail to take a position that I was expecting from the GLAS thermostat, and the reason is AI, which is far superior in Google Nest. But if you want the more futuristic look and living in an area where air not healthy, then you can choose it because it continuously monitors the air quality and trigger alert that you can see on the screen of thermostat or your mobile.

nest thermostat competitors and Alternatives

  • Mobile Connectivity: it connects to the mobile app that acts as a remote control and provides access from anywhere while you can receive real-time reporting and alert on your mobile through the app, its app is quick and has a professional design
  • Work with Favorites: it works with Alexa and Amazon Assitant

GLAS Smart Thermostat by Johnson Controls is a thermostat with a futuristic look; its large screen display is amazing and interfaces of its software and mobile app, the one that you surely will like and love to use. It’s colorful and user-friendly as well as clean to understand. You can tweak the temperature from anywhere, and it’s easy to install comes with instructions to follow as well the video is also available. I recommend it as Google Nest Alternative because of its:

  • Futuristic Look
  • Pretty straight forward installation
  • Bright, colorful and large display screen
  • No lagging, it’s fast and quick, as well as its application is responsive 
  • Stable WiFi connectivity and easy to connect 
  • IOn board temperature sensor can be calibrated that is a professional feature
  • Indoor and outdoor air quality monitoring 
  • Built-in battery that keeps it alive when power is disconnected, and it will still show you the temperature
  • beautiful look on the wall

Buy GLAS Smart Thermostat at Amazon

Emerson Sensi Touch Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat

Emerson is also in the race with its most advanced thermostat it is a WiFi-enabled thermostat that is equipped with several features like; app control,  compatibility with AI home assistants and it’s large as well as clean screen display. It’s an energy-efficient thermostat which is equipped with a builtin energy-saving mode and it surely can save on energy bills. But when I compare it with the New I found that it’s far behind from that thermostat but yes it can be an alternative because it’s highly compatible with new AI solutions and a half in price as compared to Nest.

nest thermostat competitors and Alternatives

  • Highly Compatible: yes, it’s highly compatible and work with all old and new systems hardly you can find any incompatible system, it requires C-Wire to work
  • Work With Favorites: there is a huge list of AI-based home assistant that you can use with this thermostat like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit, Samsung SmartThings, and Wink smart home platforms

Emerson Sensi Smart Thermostat is available in black and white color, it looks like an old traditional thermostat, this feeling does not go away even when its on wall. The interface is a similar one like you are operating, a bold and big temperature display makes it easy o keep an eye on current room temperature while small arrows which are for navigation are sometimes hard to locate. The feature you will loke most is working, on heat mod, its background display turns red and on cooling it will be blue that makes it smart both aesthetically and practically. it will automatically send you temperature alerts, especially for high temperature and humidity.

Setting up this thermostat is quite straightforward in multiple ways. It lit up backplate easily connect with each wire and step by step instruction in-app are also very helpful to complete the installation. I personally like its app most because its full of options and user-friendly and will give you a feel of the 21st century. While using the app you can set custom alerts and connection to voice control methods are also easy as well as hassle-free. Geo-fencing configuration allows playing in a lot of ways while selecting a home away radius.

Buy Emerson Thermostat at Amazon

Final Thoughts

It’s not an easy choice to consider an alternative to Google nest especially for those who have personal experience of Nest. No one can counter its learning ability, its design and its compatibility with another smart home device. I suggest considering a few things before selecting an alternative you may call it two scenarios!

A wide variety fo Nest smart devices are available if you are using such a device at your smart home but still want an alternative to Nest then I suggest considering an inferior model of Nest i.e Nest Thermostat E. The reason is; Google Nest thermostat is highly compatible and can fully integrate with the other Nest smart devices that improve the smart home experience. In my opinion, if you are using the Nest device at your home then staying with the Nest is the best choice.

But if you are using mix devices which are made by different manufacturers then you can any uplisted thermostat all are best and only have a few differences in features and functions. For budget-friendly options and for those who are using a different kind of heating or cooling system which is not common and from an unknown supplier Emerson Sensi Smart Thermostat is the best alternative.  But if you do not care about cost and want a real alternative then Ecobee3 Lite Smart Thermostat offer similar features to Google Nest Learner thermostat.

While making your decision keep in mind technology is changing with very rapid speed, might be the next day when you wake a new model hit the market with some extra and amazing features. If you already own the latest one that will give you the edge to enjoy your investment for a longer time.

My Picks of 8 Best Smart Thermostats

1 Ecobee SmartThermostat with Voice Control is most advanced thermostat like no other with 5GHz WiFi support and Quad-Core processor which makes it fast to connect with other smart devices and stay responsive all the time; Its built-in Alexa allow to talk with the thermostat without additional Alexa device and can connect other smart devices, its easy to install, made to save 23% on energy bills and works with other favorite smart home assistants like Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, Samsung SmartThings, and IFTTT.

Shop now at Amazon
2 Google Nest 3rd Gen Smart Thermostat a futuristic design with user-friendly interface, an excellent learner it learns from schedual and automatically starts providing the most favorite temperature, it guides with alerts for the right direction to save on energy bills, farsight lights it up to show necessary information when you are near, it's engineered to work with all heating and cooling systems, and it nearly support 95% of existing system and its room sensor support allow to manage the temprature of different zones.

Shop now at Amazon
3 Ecobee4 Smart Thermostat with Built-In Alexa comes with a power extender kit that makes it able to work without C-Wire, It keeps you free from the need of Alexa device and its highly compatible with all existing heat and cool systems; room sensor support, power-saving feature and remote connectivity makes it a modern device that everyone wants nowadays, it can sense your presence and can turn on the right mode.

Shop now at Amazon
4 Honeywell Home T9 WIFI Smart Thermostat comes with sensor support, and amazingly its sensors have a remarkable range of 200 feet, it packed with all modern features like remote control access through the app, energy-saving mode, and its builtin home assistant, It is supportive of adding voice control through Alexa and Google Home; moreover, it comes with power adapter to overcome C-Wire requirement and work with most of the heating and cooling systems.

Shop now at Amazon
5 Google Nest Thermostat E is a budget thermostat with the frosted display; it is one that provides remote access to thermostats and reports through the mobile app, detailed energy reports help to optimize the system for energy saving, it is compatible with Alexa so you can control it with your voice as well as its home assistant, energy-saving feature and simple schedules that you can set up quickly.

Shop now at Amazon
6 Ecobee3 lite 2nd Gen Smart Thermostat is a budget-friendly option that has all modern-day features accept built-in Alexa, it works with all of the favorites like Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Microsoft Cortana, Samsung SmartThings, Wink, and IFTTT as well as compatible with most heating and cooling systems used in the USA, home away assistant and energy-saving feature along with remote app it has everything that you need.

Shop now at Amazon
7 Emerson Sensi Touch Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat ST75 is a top variant of Emerson Thermostats, and it is an Energy Star certified product that can surely save money on energy bills; it has extensive compaitbility, comes with a remote app that provides full access to energy report and control over the machine, Works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit, Samsung SmartThings, and Wink smart home platforms, it works ith C-wire.

Shop now at Amazon
8 Honeywell Home T5 Plus Smart Thermostat is a most budget-friendly option in my list; it comes with seven-day flexible scheduling and smart alerts that will keep you informed about power consumption and temperature, it automatically change from heat to cool, and its remote app provides full control over the device while it's Alexa connectivity makes possible to control the thermostat with voice, C-Wire is a mandatory requirement for this thermostat.

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